Design Ideas for Adding Accent Colors to Your Décor

ECOS Paints 11/30/2021
Design Ideas for Adding Accent Colors to Your Décor

Someone once said, “There is no beauty without color,” and we believe it. All the loveliest sights in the world are associated with color: green fields, golden flowers, a silver moon sailing through a midnight-blue sky. So when it comes to making a beautiful interior décor, adding color simply makes sense.

But a small splash of an accent color is all it takes to enhance the beauty of a space. If you’re looking for new ways to add a little color to your life, try one of these design ideas for adding accent colors to your décor.

Design an Accent Wall

When some people think of accent colors, their mind goes to throw pillows or area rugs. While these all work, an accent color doesn’t have to be an afterthought in the room’s design. One of the ways to fully integrate it into the rest of the décor is with an accent wall.

Accent walls take one wall and paint it a different color than the rest to add depth and visual interest to the room. A simple way to do an accent wall is to paint the wall a single color, but you can also paint a geometric design or hombre wall to highlight your accent color in a big way.

Pro Tip: Accent Everything

Some spaces have architectural features other than walls to contend with, such as support beams, rafters, fireplaces, or picture frame trim. If you don’t want to paint a wall this color, you can always add your color pop by painting one of these features.

Dress Up Your Window Treatments

The light in your space impacts the way we perceive color, so it makes sense to focus on windows—the source of much of your room’s light—when deciding how to add an accent color to your décor.

Your window treatments present a perfect opportunity to do that, especially your drapes and curtains. You can either hang curtains that are completely the color you want to feature or do a layered look, incorporating the color in one of the layers for a deeper sense of visual interest.

Buy or Create Statement Furniture

If your room décor was a stage, your furniture would be the main actors. So we don’t typically think of them as a candidate to play a supporting role like carrying an accent color. Even so, you can incorporate color by making your furniture a statement piece.

Statement furniture, like the name suggests, is furniture that makes a statement. They’re pieces that are bold, creative, and stand out, for example:

  • An antique desk
  • A patterned dresser
  • An ornate bed
  • A bold-colored chaise lounge
  • A curiously shaped light fixture.

These pieces can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase. However, you can make any piece a statement piece with the right coat of paint.

At ECOS, we have furniture paint for your statement piece or interior eggshell paint for your accent wall to help you add a little color into your life.

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