Design Ideas for Your Basement

ECOS Paints 01/12/2021
Design Ideas for Your Basement

When it comes to interior decoration, it seems as though most people forget about basements. Unfinished basements are typically dark, cold, and dreary. In many homes, they are relegated to becoming storage spaces or severe weather shelters. It can be intimidating to redesign the basement, but for those up to the challenge, they’ll have the fun of discovering the many purposes and designs for the space. From home theaters to fitness rooms, we have a ton of design ideas for your basement.


When it comes to your basement’s floor, you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind. In particular, you must consider moisture. Basements can experience excess moisture through flooding or burst pipes. Homeowners should steer clear of flooring options that are easily damaged by water, such as hardwood or carpet. Instead, try these options:


Vinyl is a popular option for basement flooring, especially if you enjoy the look of hardwood. Unlike wood flooring, vinyl is simple to install, completely waterproof, and extremely durable, making it a good choice if you want to turn your basement into a living space. It’s also available in a variety of colors and wood styles, which lends it to many different color schemes and looks.


Like vinyl, tile is also water-resistant, meaning it won’t get ruined if your basement floods. And you can install tile directly on top of the original basement floors. Tile also lends itself to a range of looks. You can install it in a single color like black or tan, or use patterned or multicolored tile for an eye-catching effect. Note that tile is far more expensive to install than other basement flooring options.

Sealed Concrete

Most people don’t consider leaving the original concrete floor in their basement. Many see concrete as too stark or unattractive. However, you can transform your concrete flooring by sealing it. Sealed concrete floors have a far more polished look, especially if you pick a sealer that comes in a different color. They are also less likely to become chipped or damaged.


Nothing turns an area from dreary to homey like a fresh coat of paint. When choosing a paint color, you should always consider the lighting available. Your paint color may look drastically different depending on the amount of natural light and the kind of interior lighting you use. Most basements tend to be dark, so using warm or medium tones is a way to make the room feel more open and inviting.


Usually, basements are dark, so improving the lighting is one of the best ways to change the space. One of the more popular choices is recessed pot lighting. These kinds of lights are gentle, avoiding the unnerving starkness of the single bulb of fluorescent light you often find in finished basements. They also provide the most amount of light in the limited space available in basements.


Basement ceilings are often tricky to design. Typically, a basement’s ceiling is made of unfinished wood. There are two options for redoing the ceiling in an appealing way. You can install drywall beneath the joists, giving the space a more finished look. However, this means the ceiling will be lower to the ground, potentially making the space feel more crowded. Instead, you can simply paint over the entire ceiling with a single, neutral color like white, black, or grey.

Ways To Use Your Space

The way you apply these basement design ideas will depend on how you want to use your space. Basements are wonderful for a variety of purposes.

Bar or Lounge

It’s nice to be able to replicate the feeling of a night out on the town without leaving the house. And the basement is the perfect spot to convert into a hang-out space. There are several ways you can style a home bar or lounge.

Superfans looking for the best place to catch the big game can consider creating their own sports bars with a wooden bar counter, warm green walls, and their favorite sports memorabilia. Or you could add a little art deco design to your basement to make your own speakeasy. Cream, dark grey, or gold are the colors to feature here, with large potted plants and framed artwork on the walls.


Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who might want their own space to play. Turning the basement into a playroom is great for households that want to keep kid-generated clutter confined to one area of the house. Plus, kids have the freedom to play as much as they want.

When it comes to décor, you’ll likely want to stick to a smooth, easy-to-clean flooring option like vinyl. If you’re worried that the hard flooring will be too solid for your kids, you can always add cheap floor mats to give them a place to sit. As for the walls, you can go with a bright and vibrant paint color, as this area won’t be seen by the average visitor. And if you have young artists, a chalkboard wall would be an excellent addition to this space.

Fitness Center

Basements are usually cooler in temperature, and this makes them the perfect space for physical activity. You’ll experience the benefit of working out in a comfortable environment. Fitness centers aren’t usually known for their impressive décor, but taking the time to design your personal fitness center will help improve your workout motivation. Personal fitness centers usually adhere to different design ideas compared to other room layouts, since the goal is to get on your feet. Here, pale wall paint and brighter lights may be a good idea. The flooring should also be durable and scratch-resistant, since you’ll be adding machinery. Sealing tile flooring might be the best option.

The basement may be intimidating, but of all the spaces in your house, it may provide the greatest amount of design opportunities. Here at ECOS Paints, we have a wide variety of organic paints to meet all of your basement design needs.

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