Design Inspiration: Using Red in the Nursery

Lullaby 03/12/2015

Red is a dynamic and energizing color that can give any room a lot of personality, but many people assume it might not be right for a nursery since it’s not known as a soothing color. Nothing could be further from the truth! Red can add a real wow-factor to a nursery and today we’ll prove it to you. Here are tips and design inspiration for using red in the nursery.

Tip #1 - Don’t go overboard. Too much red can be overwhelming and over over-stimulating. Use it in moderation for the best design aesthetic – like just painting one wall red.

Tip #2 - Experiment with your color palette. Red is far more versatile than you’d think (and you’ll see it in our examples below). It works well with a wide range of color palettes, so play around a bit before settling on your final color choices.

Tip #3 - In small spaces, use red very sparingly. If your nursery is a little cramped, paint the walls a bright white, light gray or other pale color to trick the eye into believing the space is bigger. Incorporate red in little ways like a few small decor pieces or a bright red crib.

Now, check out all of the great design inspiration we found!

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See how many ways you can integrate this passionate color into your dream nursery? So, don’t be shy – be bold! It can really end up beautiful.

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