DIY Luxe Nursery Design on a Dime

Lullaby 06/29/2013

Today’s post is from our retail partners at Petit Tresor, a luxury baby boutique in Hollywood whose clientele includes the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson, Tia Mowry, and most recently - the royal couple! Read through their expert tips and then enter to win an awesome giveaway!

When designing a luxurious nursery at Petit Tresor each client’s distinctive taste and lifestyle is carefully taken into consideration.  Regardless of the myriad of differences which inherently exist amongst our clientele, we have one goal in mind, to create a tranquil, elegant and loving atmosphere for the client’s greatest accomplishment to date- their new baby.

Creating a nursery is more than just designing the look of another room in one's home. Planning for the arrival of one's baby stirs emotions and feelings that might have been latent or long forgotten.  Memories of childhood, images and pictures are brought to mind and influence new parents in such a way, that the ideas of safe, perfect little havens imagined, become the designer's task to execute.

At Petit Tresor, we are oftentimes lucky enough to work with celebrities who, like the rest of our clientele have very specific ideas about what constitutes the perfect nursery.  The difference is that they usually have a very large budget to translate their ideas into reality.  The limitless budget, although rare,  allows a designer to select the most beautiful and luxurious goods at his/her disposal without concern.

It can be just as exciting nonetheless, to be creative with one's resources and make something just as beautiful- and often more personal- on a more limited budget.  This is done not by selecting the most expensive items.  Instead, we prefer to focus on creating an atmosphere, a feeling in the room that is not dictated by its contents.  This can be done beautifully with the use of colors- different shades and hues which together can create the feeling of being in a beautiful garden, near drifting clouds or by a babbling brook.  The use of color in one's bedding, furniture and more importantly the paint colors chosen for the largest surface area of the room should not be underestimated.  Nothing adds more to the feeling of a nursery as much as the warmth or tranquility evoked by the colors that we have custom blended.

Whether we design a luxurious high end nursery with dupioni silks and organzas or a less ornate, more intimate room using soft cottons and jerseys, color is without a doubt the common thread used to turn a room, whatever your budget, into the nursery of your dreams.

Petit Tresor’s Top Tips:

  • A great place to start is selecting either the bedding or the fabric for the glider.  Either of these would make an excellent focal point for the nursery.
  • Whatever the color chosen, it is a good rule of thumb to choose a paint color in the same family as the main fabric but toned down quite a bit, so the wall color does not overpower the beautiful fabrics you have selected.  Softer hues of the same color usually very soft and subtle are a wise decision.
  • As designers, we also like to choose an item that is vibrant and that stands on its own.  The glider is often the best selection.  It can always be softened with a light colored cushion or teddy bear.
Whatever your style, your preferences or your priorities, with the right colors and the right nursery pieces, your little prince or princess will live in a haven filled with the security and love into which it was poured.