Design Tips for Creating an Elegant Primary Bedroom

ECOS Paints 09/14/2021
Design Tips for Creating an Elegant Primary Bedroom

When we are refreshing our homes’ décors, it’s easy to keep the focus on the public areas, such as the dining room and foyer. But we don’t merely decorate our homes to impress guests. We do it to create a space that we love to live in.

That’s the mindset behind intentionally decorating one’s bedroom. Even though it is a space we often only occupy to sleep, we can still create a beautiful sanctuary that we love with these design tips for creating an elegant primary bedroom.

Experiment With Color Palette

When conceptualizing a room’s look, color is one of the easiest places to start. Elegance is in the eye of the beholder, so there isn’t a “correct” set of colors to choose from. But here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Worth its Weight in Gold: Pair several cream and pale-yellow colors—for example, our “Spotlight,” “Bermuda Sun,” “Lemon Appeal,” and “Fire Dance” shades—with gold accents.
  • Silver Spoon: Similar to gold, utilize several shades of cool-greys throughout the room, for example, our “Cool Elegance,” “Let it Rain,” and “Baby Seal.”
  • Coastal Getaway: Focus on whites with pops of navy blue or teal, like our “Dancing Sea” color.
  • The Jewel in Your Crown: Highlight a specific jewel tone like our “Florida Waters,” “Tingle,” “Unmatched Beauty,” or “Sunset Serenade.” Pair it with gold or silver accents.

Your color palette begins with your interior eggshell paint, but it will also incorporate things like your bedspread, flooring, and window trimmings.

Adjust Your Window Trimmings

A set of drapes adds visual interest to your space, helping to tie in patterns and motifs from the entire room for a more unified design. But even though drapes are a staple of most elegant primary bedroom design ideas, they aren’t your only option. Depending on your preferred aesthetic, you might consider:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller shades
  • Panel tracks
  • Shutters
  • Roman shades

When you’re trying to decide on window trimmings, also keep in mind how much natural lighting you want in your room at any time.

Add a Headboard

In most cases, your bed is your bedroom’s focal point. A simple way to add a little elegance to any bed is to add a headboard to it. If your bed doesn’t already have a headboard, you can DIY one with wood and upholstery, or even carved tiles. Another option is to place a large piece of wall art over your bed where a headboard would usually go.

An elegant bedroom isn’t about keeping up appearances. It’s about embracing the beauty in our everyday lives. Here at ECOS Paints, we want to make sure you have the tools to create a space that you will love.

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