Design Trend: Cloud Nursery Ideas

Lullaby 07/31/2015

Is there anything quite so peaceful and calming as lying on your back and staring at the clouds?  Watching their shapes shift and drift across the sky can be downright mesmerizing. It's this quality of tranquility and imagination that makes them the perfect addition to a child's room. Clouds have become a popular trend for kids rooms and there's an almost infinite amount of ways you can incorporate them. You can paint them on the walls, cut them out of wood, hang them from the ceiling, make them into pillows, and on and on and on. Today we're sharing a bunch of creative inspiration for this design trend – check out all of these cloud nursery ideas.

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Here are some great video tutorials for painting and making clouds:


Remember that if you choose to paint some clouds that Lullaby Paints are non-toxic**! Also, this would be a great design to use some leftover paint from an earlier project – especially since Lullaby Paints has such great coverage with up to 1.5 times as much spread compared to other paints.

**Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin

irritation and respiratory effects.

If this inspired you to create a dreamy cloud nursery please share some pictures. We love to see what our creative customers do with Lullaby Paints!