Designing a Vintage Themed Nursery That Isn't Dated

Lullaby 10/29/2015

There's a reason that vintage pieces are still so incredibly popular – they have a style and craftsmanship that some people think is missing from contemporary design. There's also a charming naivete to older books, posters, and toys. It was a simpler time and the days passed at a slower pace. Are you a fan of the vintage aesthetic, but you worry your space might end up looking like an antique shop? Finding the perfect balance between new and old isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few tips and ideas for designing a vintage themed nursery that isn’t dated, so you can have the best of today’s world with all of the charms of the past.

Don’t Overdo It

Not everything in the room should be old. Having pictures framed from old storybooks will give an awesome vintage feel to the room, but having every piece of furniture and decor be from 1963 will make it feel like you’re in a museum. Also, newer cribs and lighting are going to be made to today’s safety standards and safety is clearly always the priority.

Pick a Decade

Groovy velvet curtains and Roy Rogers cowboy prints just don’t work together. Styles have changed a lot over the years, and the nursery will be confusing if you mix it up too much.

Keep It Simple

Calming nurseries are uncluttered, peaceful spaces, so don’t let your love for the flea market fill it up.

Stick to a Defined Color Palette

Just like you would with any other room, pick a color palette that you like and keep it throughout the room. 

Check for Lead

Anything painted before 1978 could have lead in it and lead is super toxic to a child's developing brain. There are kits that you can purchase at hardware stores to test things at home, and you can also ship them to be tested in a laboratory. The EPA has extensive information on what might have lead in it and how to keep your children safe from it. Being concerned about lead safety shouldn’t dissuade you from designing a vintage nursery, but it's definitely something that every parent should be aware of.

Follow Lullaby Paints' board Nursery Design: VINTAGE on PinteresWe hope that these tips help you design a dream-come-true vintage nursery! If you choose this theme, please share pictures of your nursery when you've finished your masterpiece. We love to see the beautiful nurseries our customers design!