DIY Multi-Holiday Decor Ideas

Lullaby 10/26/2012

Holiday decorating can be such a chore this time of year going from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to end-of-year holidays. Make it easier using chalkboard paint on everyday decor! Draw holiday inspired pictures or words on the pieces and simply wipe and do-over for each new celebration. No more packing and un-packing and packing and un-packing. Just easy-peasy fun! Get your kids involved and it’s guaranteed to become a treasured annual tradition. Be sure to take pictures to track how different the creations look over the years!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Make a holiday gallery. Buy some metallic frames of various sizes (metallics are awesome for every holiday!) Paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Arrange as a gallery on a wall or as a grouping on a large side table.

2. Paint a bunch of vases. You can either use a variety of shapes and sizes or go uniform, whatever you prefer. Then cluster them in the middle of your dining room table, line them up across a large window sill, or arrange them on your fireplace mantle.

3. Make a circle garland. Pick up some wooden discs at your local craft store and paint them with your chalkboard paint. Again, you can do a variety of sizes and colors or something uniform - it just depends on your prefered aesthetic. Once dry, hot glue them to some decorative twine to create your garland.

Here’s some design inspiration for what to draw on your pieces:

• relevant quotes
• random holiday-related words (e.g. Boo, Gratitude, Joy)
• simple shapes (e.g. ghosts, leaves, stars)
• recipes or even just the names of holiday foods

Do you think you’ll try this? If you do, share a picture of your project with us on Facebook or Pinterest! (And, visit us there to find inspiration from others!)