Nursery Decor: Wall Art with Wooden Letters

Lullaby 10/26/2013

Today’s DIY with Lullaby was created by April from April Golightly. She just welcomed a beautiful baby girl to her family and wanted to personalize her perfectly pink nursery. (Lullaby Paints Cotton Candy Pink with a Slate gray chalkboard wall - adorable!) April picked up some basic wooden letters from her local craft store and used her leftover wall paint to make customized wall art that spells her daughter’s name. Want to try this DIY nursery decor project? Here are the easy-peasy directions:

Step 1: Get your supplies.

You can order samples of Lullaby Paint which are the perfect size for this type of project. You’ll also need wooden letters, yarn, newsprint or plastic to protect your work surface, paint brush, scissors, hot glue, and industrial strength two-sided tape.

Step 2: Paint your letters.

Place your letters on your work surface and apply the paint. If you were painting bare wood furniture or another large surface, we’d recommend priming it first, but for a small craft project you’re fine without. Let the paint dry and decide if you like how it looks or if you’d like a second coat of paint.

Step 3: Wrap letters with yarn.

Once your letters are dry, wrap them with yarn. Experiment a little to see how much you’d like and to see where they’ll lie naturally. (There needs to be some tension, otherwise the yarn will flop around.) Once you’ve wrapped and tied it into place, you can secure it in place on the backside of the letter using a strong glue or hot glue. Just be sure to try to keep everything as flush to the surface of the letter as possible, so the letters can mount close to the wall.

Step 4: Hang letters.

April hung her letters perfectly aligned with one another, which takes some measuring and a level. You could also hang them uneven or diagonally or however you like! Simply affix your two-sided tape to a variety of points on the back of your letters and stick them to the wall.

Voila! Customized nursery!

Start your DIY nursery decor project today by ordering non-toxic** Lullaby Paints!

**Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.