DIY Paint Project: Chalkboard Door

Lullaby 06/13/2013

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Nobody. Just your boring door.

Your boring door who?

No. Seriously. This is your boring door and I want a makeover.

Alright - bad jokes aside - here’s an awesome way to give a door a quick makeover! Joy Kelley (mom, designer, crafter, and blogger behind HowJoyful) used Lullaby Paints Village (green) chalkboard paint to give her sewing room door a little creative punch. Now, her chalkboard door not only matches the happy color palette of the room, it can also feature inspirational quotes and the darling doodles her son will soon be sharing. How a-door-able!

Kudos on your calligraphy, too, Joy! (If only we could package those kinds of skills in our kits.)

Click-through to read Joy’s full review, see ALL the awesome pictures, and find more design inspiration on her blog.

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