Easy Breezy Beach-Themed Nursery Design Inspiration

Lullaby 07/27/2016

Sunshine, surf, sand between your toes... What's more dreamy and relaxing than a day at the beach? Bring the calming sensation of ocean breezes into your home by making your baby’s room into a little piece of your favorite seaside holiday dreams. This nursery will be stress-free to design as well because it can so easily be whatever YOU love most about a day at the beach. It could be the seashells, dolphins jumping through the waves, surfers riding them, sailboats off in the distance, or just lying on the sand listening to the waves that give you that special feeling that only the ocean can bring. Today we’re sharing some tips for easy, breezy, beach-themed nursery design inspiration, so you can make your baby’s room into a soothing oasis.


DIY Sea Glass Mobile

For a beach-themed nursery, the adorable options for mobiles seem totally limitless! Our favorite is a breathtaking breezy mobile you can DIY. You can find some seriously gorgeous handmade sea glass mobiles, like this breathtaking starfish and sea glass mobile from Etsy. But why spend a fortune for something you can easily make yourself? This tutorial is simple and straightforward, and it can easily be adapted to use a starfish instead of a stick. Gorgeous!


Soothing Sand-Colored Area Rug


Okay, so maybe your nursery floor can't quite match the feeling of sand between your toes. But with the addition of a soft, sand-colored shag rug, you and your baby may not even notice the difference! We love Safavieh's huge Laguna Shag Sand Rug from Overstock.com.


DIY Boat Oar Wall Decor


We love the lakehouse look of this beach style nursery, featured on Houzz. With a basic wooden oar, like this 30" oar from JoAnn Fabrics, you can make your own custom beachy wall decor in a snap - and for cheap! Consider painting baby's name on the oar to personalize your precious one's space.


Dynamic Waves Wall Decal

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.50.07 PM

What better way to bring the beach into your little one's nursery than with a wavy wall appliqué? Decals are some of the quickest and easiest wall treatments available, and they can have a truly magnificent effect. This vinyl waves wall decal from Etsy adds plenty of visual interest!


Coral Painted Accent Ceiling


A perfect complement to your soothing space: An accent ceiling in a lovely coral shade! A coral ceiling can be the perfect way to add a pop of color to your otherwise cool and neutral nursery. Painting one wall coral to make a colorful statement would have the same cheery effect.


DIY Framed Seashell Wall Art

Want to remember a special day strolling along with your feet in the sand finding beautiful shells and marveling at the awesomeness of the waves washing over your feet? Save all those shells and whatever other treasures you find and display them in a frame. This video will show you how to create your own unique piece of art that will remind you every time you look at it of that wonderful day.

We hope that we've shown you how easy and breezy it can be to create a beach-themed nursery! We welcome your feedback in the comments below. Which of our inspo-picks for a beach nursery is your favorite?