Easy DIY Chalkboard Silhouette

Lullaby 10/15/2013

Today's DIY with Lullaby comes from Dina at Honey and Fitz. It's a lovely DIY chalkboard silhouette that turns a classic piece of memorabilia into a fun piece of wall-art. Make your own using our easy tutorial and share your pictures with us when you’re done!

DIY chalkboard silhouette - Lullaby Paints

Step 1: Take a photo.

Take a profile photo of your child standing in front of a brightly lit window or light colored wall to create a picture with clearly defined edges.

Step 2: Print photo.

Choose what size you’d like your wall art to be and print the photo to size. (Note: The larger the image, the easier it will be to cut out.)

Step 3: Cut and trace photo.

Cut out the silhouette and trace it onto a piece of wood. (Dina used a 2′x2′ piece of birch plywood that was 1/4″ thick.)

Step 4: Cut wood.

Dina says, “Find someone with a jigsaw and really good jigsawing skills (in this case, that would be my Super Dad).  The only really tricky part to cut out were those thin, wispy pieces of hair but I thought they were important to making this look like Knox.” Don’t know someone with good jigsawing skills? You could also leave the wood oval or rectangular and simply paint the silhouette.

Step 5: Paint.

Paint a coat of chalkboard paint and let dry. Paint a second coat and let it dry overnight. Then rub the chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk and wipe clean to prep the surface. Doodle whatever you’d like!

Step 6: Hang & enjoy!

Get started on your DIY chalkboard silhouette! Order your chalkboard kit today!