Easy Steps for Avoiding Harmful Chemicals During Pregnancy

Lullaby 03/14/2014

Pregnancy is an overwhelming time - emotionally, physically, and mentally. And, there's no shortage of advice about what you should or should not do in order to have the healthiest baby. These days, the list keeps getting longer as we learn more about the risks posed by chemicals in everyday products. It's a sad, but true fact - but, luckily, there's a growing library of resources to help you. The newest one comes from our friends at the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World and it has oodles of easy steps for avoiding harmful chemicals during pregnancy.

Click here to download your free copy of the e-book today! 

avoiding harmful chemicals during pregnancy lullaby paints

And, while you're at it, download their other awesome e-book, Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery!


Do you have any favorite resources you turn to for avoiding harmful chemicals during pregnancy? Share them in the comments!

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