Eco-Friendly Rockers for Every Budget and Baby Nursery

Lullaby 04/12/2013

Every baby nursery needs a rocking chair. They’ve been a staple for generations because there’s just about nothing as tried and true for soothing a baby than the gentle motion of rocking back and forth, back and forth.

And, these days there are so many options between rockers and gliders and shapes and upholsteries, it can be a little boggling to know what to choose. Today, we’re highlighting eco-friendly rockers for every budget and baby nursery. (Granted, they’re all not the eco-friendliest, but they’re definitely much better than conventional in terms of sourcing materials and using fewer, less-toxic chemicals.) Rock on!

eco-friendly rockers gliders for every budget - lullaby paints

  1. Ikea POÄNG ($139)
  2. Nurseryworks Empire Rocker ($900)
  3. Pottery Barn Kids Eco Glider ($1049)
  4. Herman Miller Eames Rocker ($550)
  5. ducduc Eddy Rocking Chair ($1600)
  6. Knoend Fava Rocker ($270)
  7. Sophie Low Back Rocker ($1240)
  8. Design Within Reach Risom Rocker ($1980)
  9. Vermont Wood Custom Quilted Rocker ($2300)

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