ECOS Paints Announces LEEDv4 Compliance

ECOS 04/24/2014

We're thrilled to announce we're the first North American paint company to publish our Health Product Declarations (HPDs)!

“This marks a monumental step forward in the North American (and perhaps global) paint industry,” said Julian Crawford, CEO of ECOS Paints. “Providing this certification and transparency is a game changer.”

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a standard format for reporting product content and associated health information for building products and materials. This voluntary certification process is an integral part of achieving the new LEEDv4 Materials and Resources Credit and relates to the highest accreditation of products.

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative, a nonprofit led by John Knott, Jr., allows manufacturers to better understand their supply chains and product composition. HPDs also enable consumers to make more informed choices based on transparent product contents and health information. They predict that as HPDs become more widely available they will spark innovation towards a new generation of healthier products and materials, reflecting the insights and knowledge gained through this disclosure standard.

ECOS Paints has declarations now for 11 of our many products and we believe the certification will give our products an edge in the paint industry and encourage more architects and builders to move forward with LEED certification. See all of the current HPDs here.

We plan to have Health Product Declarations for all products shortly and we'll certainly let you know when we have!

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