ECOS Paints Featured on 41st Season of 'This Old House'

ECOS Paints 05/12/2020

Cape Anne project

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (May 12, 2020)  --ECOS Paints, committed to creating healthier living environments for homes, will be featured on an upcoming episode of the popular THIS OLD HOUSE® series, now enjoying its 41st season. Mauro Henrique, the painter on the PBS home improvement show, chose ECOS Paints for the renovation of a turn-of-the-century shingle-style house in Manchester, Massachusetts.  He will share painting advice based on his years of expertise to beautify the surfaces and help revive the historic home.

THIS OLD HOUSE®, produced by This Old Houses Ventures, LLC, and presented on PBS, is the highest-rated home improvement show on television. In an episode scheduled to begin airing on May 21st, Mauro will demonstrate how to use ECOS’ chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard in a child’s playroom.

“Paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are a game changer for the whole industry,” said Mauro. “There is absolutely no odor. It’s better for my team and the paint preserves indoor air quality. In addition, paint with no VOC’s dries faster and has better coverage. This requires fewer coats and saves time and money.”

Volatile organic compounds emitted as gases from paints can increase health risks and negatively impact indoor air quality. Individuals with chemical sensitivities including kids and babies who can’t tolerate strong odors and harsh chemicals from traditional paints are particularly vulnerable.

“We are committed to creating healthier living environments for homes, commercial spaces and historical destinations, while being transparent about our ingredients,” explained Julian Crawford, CEO,  ECOS Paints.  “We are very pleased that Mauro selected ECOS Paints for this project.”

ECOS Paints has a wide range of options including a Lullaby collection for nurseries, pet paints, and air purifying paints that filter out contaminants. ECOS provides customers with an unlimited palette of colors from which to choose by utilizing a proprietary color matching system, and custom color swatches are kept on file for years. ECOS products are made to order at its headquarters.

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