A Fabulous French Blue Nursery Design

Lullaby 02/27/2015

Did you know that in color psychology, blue hues are known to be calming and sedative? Sounds like the perfect color for a nursery, right!? Here's a modern, whimsical, gender neutral blue nursery design from Buy Modern Baby based on Lullaby Paints in French Blue.

Esther writes, "French Blue is bright enough to make an impact, but not so bold that it’s dark or overwhelming. Obviously, I ignored the 'French' part of the name and not surprisingly steered far away from toile patterns. Instead, I used bold, bright, modern colors and shapes." What do you think?

french blur nursery design - lullaby paints

For product details, visit Buy Modern Baby and for more decor and furnishing ideas that fit this palette and aesthetic, visit the French Blue Nursery Inspiration Pinboard!