Fail-Proof Ideas for DIY Nursery Murals

Lullaby 08/27/2015

If there's any room in the house that most fitting for a mural – it's definitely the nursery. It immediately adds personality and gives your one-in-a-million baby a one-of-a-kind room. The only problem is that you probably didn't go to school for fine arts and maybe aren’t even good at Pictionary. Never fear! You, too, can paint an awesome mural by using our easy tricks. Here are some fail-proof ideas for DIY nursery murals:

1. Rent (or borrow) a projector. Contact your local library or school to see if you can rent a projector. Slap your picture on it, project it on the wall, and carefully outline the image in pencil.

2. Use tape. If you’re considering a geometrical design, use some high-quality painter’s tape to mark off your edges. Just be sure to peel away the tape before the paint fully dries to ensure a clean edge.

3. Use stencils. There’s a ton of different wall stencils available these days and you can find everything from basic patterns to elaborate designs. And, the great thing about stencils is that you don’t even need a steady hand – you just daub on color. Perfect for those of us who have a hard time “coloring inside the lines!”

4. Use a paint-by-number wall mural kit. Seriously! They exist!

5. Choose a fool-proof design. Find inspiration from abstract art (or the doodles of a child!) and go free-form with your design! Just be sure to sketch out an idea first. Don’t worry if you can’t replicate it exactly on the wall – that’s why it’s free-form! Another tip if you decide to go this direction? Keep the color palette simple – possibly even monochromatic.

6. Look to YouTube for help. - Seeing someone else do it makes it easier to learn from – and there are a bunch of short videos on YouTube with simple instructions for doing murals. Here’s an example to give you an idea what you can find.

7. Look at Pinterest for inspiration - If you're a fan of Pinterest you know that you can find almost any creative project imaginable on it and that it can take up many hours of your day as you browse through pin after pin. You don’t have to take up your own time because we did the work for you and found 99 examples of wall murals! Take the tips of how to DIY it and find your favorite mural to make a nursery masterpiece!

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Whatever you decide, remember that mistakes can easily be covered with a little touch-up paint. So, have fun with it – and share pictures with us on Facebook when you’re done!