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ECOS Paints 04/15/2024

Unless you’ve done a lot of remodeling in your life, it’s tough to visualize a room makeover. What color paint should you choose? Will it match the new sofa? What should the layout be? There are tons of design options and choices to make that can be entirely overwhelming. Luckily, there are free online room design tools that you can use to create a virtual space for testing colors, textiles, decor, and layouts before you start investing your hard-earned money and making firm decisions. Here are a few we’ve found to be very easy to use and very helpful for making your remodeling project a perfect success.

Better Homes & Gardens Color Finder

This Better Homes and Gardens decorating site requires you to sign up for a free account, but they have a nice variety of rooms to work with and a lot of great color options – including specific color palettes from numerous paint companies. ECOS Paints aren’t an option on the site (sadly), but we can color match to absolutely any color that you choose.

Room Styler

With this site you can create complete 3D virtual rooms with furniture, lighting, and decor. It also has a very easy-to-use mood board creator that we enjoyed playing around with immediately!


This is home interior design software that you can download for free for designing the house of your dreams. Again, it has drag and drop functionality making it super user-friendly.

Pottery Barn Room Planner

This tool isn’t great for coming up with colors and design schemes, but it’s perfect for planning the actual layout of a space. You can enter in the exact dimensions of your room, place windows and doors, and then make furniture sized to your specifications for testing placement.

Did we miss a tool you’ve used in the past? Share it in the comments so others can learn about it! And once you’re ready to dive in to your project, don't forget that we can color match any paint that you've chosen. Plus, we ship right to your front door – making your redecorating project even easier.

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