From Jewel to Neutral: Top 10 Nursery Paint Colors of 2019

Tony 03/07/2019
From Jewel to Neutral: Top 10 Nursery Paint Colors of 2019

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Figuring out how to paint and decorate your baby’s nursery can be delightful, yet stressful. You want the room to be calming for your child, but you also may want there to be notes of buoyancy. Not only that, but you yourself want to feel relaxed while in the room, as this is important for both you and the baby. Below we’ll talk about the top 10 nursery paint colors of 2019. Use these colors to lather the walls or to paint accent pieces. Either way, we’ll help you put together the nursery of your dreams.

Top Nursery Paint Colors of 2019

ECOS Interior Nursery paint has a protective finish that dries to make up a hard and durable film for your wall. The low sheen and long-lasting finish make this paint a perfect choice for your baby’s nursery. All the top nursery paint colors on our list are based on a mixture of highly regarded paint manufacturer’s color forecasts for 2019. Some include Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore, Pantone, and more.

Our nursery paint is non-toxic* and we manufacture it to withstand the repeated anticipated cleanings that come hand-in-hand with having a baby. With our VOC-free paint**, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you put the best paint on the walls for your baby. Here are ten lovely odorless***colors that would look good on accent pieces and slathered onto walls.

*Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

**Conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 14 days). 

***No traditional paint or polyurethane odor 

1.      Black and White

The black and white color scheme is going to be very popular for nurseries this year. Gender neutral nurseries is a trend that probably won’t be going away for a while, so embrace the versatility that comes with these neutral choices. The great thing about this pair is that they still allow for the addition of another color—this will help make the room stand out while not being too overwhelming. Pale yellows and lilacs are wonderful options that are still quite calming.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Black and White (0000)

2.      Mustard

People have been loving on deep gold mustard colored hues for a few seasons now. The luscious colors of different mustard shades are not too overpowering to have in a nursery; instead, the depth of color allows for relaxation. Nevertheless, the fact that it’s yellow also brings about a happy feeling that you may want to think about bringing into your baby’s room.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Look At The Bright Side (0858)

3.      Cream

A neutral that will always be in style, cream brings about a soft and gentle nature in your nursery. This color pairs well with a rustic-themed room that incorporates wood textures and accents. You can also include a variety of décor in a room with cream walls. This neutral bodes better if you’re looking for a less stark choice than black and white. Plus, you can further the relaxation by choosing to stick with a cream-all-over look—think thick cream carpet, neutral pillows and blankets, and a wooden crib.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Pumice Stone (0016)

4.      Navy

We love navy in living rooms, dens, and bathrooms—but the idea of the color navy in nurseries is a newer concept. However, the thoughtful nature of this dark shade brings with it the evocative thought of galaxies. If you’re thinking of creating a nighttime theme for your nursery, a nice navy paint makes a great foundation. Similar to mustard, the depths of this color will both relax you while simultaneously awaken you. The wonder in navy goes far beyond the reaches of our galaxy and brings forth healing energy you’ll want for you and your baby.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Florida Waters (0599)

5.      Heather Gray

Another dark and calming color, heather gray has a profound nature to it. Since it is quite tranquil on its own, you can easily complement this luxurious paint with other colors. The gender-neutral color also allows for a lot of fun—play with different geometric patterns and animal prints or pick a theme for the room and have the dark gray act as the backdrop. Grays, in general, are quite popular this year, so take the time to decide if you want the undisturbed depth of a heather gray or a bit more of a bright peacefulness with a light gray.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: November Storms (0543)

6.      Soft Pink

Oozing softness and comfort, lovely soft pink acts as a quiet and composed color for your nursery. Without being overtly girl, this feminine color is a nurturing shade that urges you to unwind and de-stress. This light shade also pairs wonderfully with various neutrals, such as cream, navy, and heather gray. Furthermore, the textures you choose to include in the room can either create a full-on princess feel or a serene and simple vibe—white furs and black and white photos will tie this room together to become a haven for simplicity and gentility.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Lady Anne (1077)

7.      Green Blue

The mixtures and shades of blue and green are quite popular this year, making this green-blue shade a perfect colorful option for your nursery. The vibrancy of this shade is not too much to overwhelm the baby, but instead stimulates and activates creativity and happiness. To keep it from becoming too much for the baby, pair this color with darker neutrals. Although this is a bit of a darker color, the jewel tones of this shade will give the nursery a cozy and inviting feel.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Blue Period (0690)

8.      Lilac

Another beautiful and calming shade, lilac is the perfect “girlie” color for those who don’t like pink. Lilacs have one of the earliest bloom times, and therefore they tend to symbolize spring and renewal. There are many different types of lilacs, each with their own specific meaning, but they all lean toward a spiritual, tranquil, and joyful tone. If you’re hoping to bring those feelings into your nursery, an airy lilac color is a wonderful option. Pair with a neutral cream to create a serene abode, or darker grays and blacks for a more zealous, yet composed nursery.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Lilacs In Spring (1182)

9.      Tan

Browns are making a huge appearance across plenty of color trends this year. You could go for a deep brown for your nursery, but we suggest a grounded tan. This authentic and timeless color will lead to dreams of the expansive safari—decorate the room with adorable safari animals. The tender care reflected from images of mother and baby elephants and giraffes will make your nursery feel like a safe space. As subdued as this shade is, it also yearns for a carefree and positive attitude, giving your baby a spectrum of feelings to latch onto.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Moth Wing (0183)

10.  Blue Gray

Our final nursery paint color for 2019 is the subtle and sophisticated mixture of blue and gray. This is a comforting and contemporary color that will transcend time as your baby grows up. Layered grays with notes of blue exude a comfortability that you and your baby will be happy to have on those late nights. You can pair this with a variety of different decorations and themes—the nautical look is a simple design scheme to execute with this color as its backbone.

ECOS Nursery Paint Color #: Water Droplet (0503)

Hopefully, these colors have spurred your creativity as to how to put together your nursery. We suggest picking a theme you would like to base the room around and go from there. Our paint is the perfect choice for you and your baby— both sensible, and luxurious.

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