Gender Neutral Nurseries Featuring Bright Colors

Lullaby 11/14/2014

Here’s a simple design fact: Gender neutral nurseries do not have to be boring beige (unless you love beige, of course!). Yes, it’s true – color does not have to absent for a room to remain gender neutral. Below you’ll find some great examples of gender neutral nurseries with a lot of personality that don’t knock you over the head with whether it’s for a boy or girl. The only obvious fact is that they are beautiful rooms with very lucky kids that get to grow up in them! Check out these gender neutral nurseries featuring bright colors.

First, a quick tip: If you want to easily create a beautiful, modern gender neutral nursery, use gray as a base color. Gray is extremely trendy right now because almost any accent color looks fantastic with it. Check out the example from Project Nursery below featuring gray, orange and yellow in a “Modern Junior Sputnik” aesthetic.


image via Project Nursery - replicate this color palette using Lullaby Paints’ Silver Wolf, Tangerine, and Morning Sunrise


Fond of mint? Check out another gender neutral design from Project Nursery. This modern mint nursery is chock full of personality, but it still feels bright and clean and perfectly suitable for a boy or a girl.


image via Project Nursery - replicate this look using Lullaby Paints’ Icy Mint

Esther from Buy Modern Baby created the warm and welcoming gender neutral nursery below using Lullaby Paints’ Blaze as the base color. She said, “I love Blaze because it’s not quite a red or orange, but has enough brown to be somewhat neutral.  It has a warm and cozy feel that works perfectly with any dark woods.”


image via Buy Modern Baby

Blue is typically considered the truest “baby boy color,” but we think with the right accessories, it makes a beautiful base for a gender neutral nursery, too. Here’s another design from Buy Modern Baby featuring Lullaby Paints in Royal Blue.

blueimage via Buy Modern Baby

Our final example is another stroke of design genius from Buy Modern Baby created using Lullaby Paints in Wake – a gray tone with undertones of green that create a great foundation for the aqua and lemongrass accents.


image via Buy Modern Baby

As you can see, deciding to go with a gender neutral design in the nursery is not as limiting as it maybe was not too long ago. You’re free to use color to your heart’s content!

Which gender neutral nursery featuring bright colors is your favorite? Let us know in the comments - or share a link to more inspiration!