Gender Neutral Nursery Themes for Boys and Girls

ECOS Paints 01/12/2021
Gender Neutral Nursery Themes for Boys and Girls

Designing a nursery is a celebration of the new life you are bringing into the world and into your home. But the countless design ideas out there can make designing a nursery overwhelming, especially if your goal is to design a nursery that works well for both boys and girls.

Sometimes, the simplest way to nail down a nursery design is to choose a theme. These timeless nursery themes for boys and girls will create a delightful space for your baby.

Noah’s Ark

Animals are cute and cuddly, just like your baby, and they’re wonderfully gender-neutral, making them a perfect nursery theme. You can choose one animal to base the room around. For example, you can do a yellow and brown room covered in giraffe spots or a grey room filled with elephants. Or you can find ways to feature a menagerie. A safari, a circus, or a painted Noah’s ark will give you plenty of opportunities to feature furry faces.

Fairy Tale Haven

From knights to ogres, fairies to princesses, fairy tales have a way of capturing the imagination of both children and grown-ups. This theme can be done subtly, focusing on details that call to mind fairy tales such as a royal canopy or prints of castles. Or you can transform the entire room with a mural of enchanted forests or castles and a host of fantastical creatures peeking out around the room.

Vintage Victorian

The Victorian era may not have been perfect, but it gave us a host of classic childhood stories and traditions. Nodding to this style can help create a charming nursery theme for girls or boys. Wallpaper accent walls, canopies, and wooden furniture with Victorian-style flourishes will help bring this theme home. However, be wary about using genuine antiques. Check the furniture’s structural integrity and make sure it’s up to code before putting it in your baby’s room.

Reach for the Sky

Basing your theme on the sky is one simple idea that, like an animal-themed room, can be spun in a myriad of ways. A nursery painted with pale blue hues and puffy clouds decorated with airplanes and hot air balloons is perfect for the future explorer. Or you can paint the room in dark blues with constellations spelling out your child’s name for sweet dreams at night.

Whatever little world you want to create for your baby, we want you to be equipped with the right tools to make your baby’s nursery adorable and safe. ECOS Paint’s nursery paints are not only visually stunning, but they’re organic and non-toxic* as well.

*Non-Toxic - Conforms to ASTM-D4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

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