Get Your Free Healthy Nursery Toolkit!

Lullaby 04/19/2013

Lullaby Paints is a proud supporter of Healthy Child Healthy World, the leading national nonprofit working to protect children from harmful chemicals. And, they recently developed a comprehensive toolkit to help parents create a safe baby nursery - covering everything from paints and decor to diapers and care products.

No matter if you’re about to have a baby and you’re just beginning the journey or if you’re neck deep in gear and simply looking for ways to create a healthier environment, this toolkit is a must-have, must-read for all parents!

Here are all the tools they created:

  • An interactive e-book for parents to create a safer nursery. Includes chemicals to avoid, quick and easy steps for safer shopping, budget friendly tips, and advice from some of their experts and celebrity partners.
  • A downloadable, condensed brochure for parents on-the-go. Print and share with others, too!
  • An infographic to quickly learn where hidden dangers lurk inside your baby’s room, along with simple steps to create a safer space.
  • A video webinar on creating a safer, healthier nursery environment with guest experts Paul Bates (UL Environment), Melissa Moog (Itsabelly Baby Planners) and Jamie Grayson (The Baby Guy).
  • A white paper detailing the research and policy failures that have led to toxic nurseries being the status quo.

Download the entire Healthy Nursery Toolkit today and share with other parents, too! There are easy steps all of us can take to create healthier, safer spaces for children.