Getting the Right Paint for Efficiency and Safety

Tony 07/19/2019
Getting the Right Paint for Efficiency and Safety

Choosing the right kind of paint goes far beyond just finding the right color. True, the perfect color has been proven to help improve mood and overall wellbeing, but paint can do much more than that. The wrong paint can pose a serious danger to those who are exposed to it. Choosing the right paint involves keeping this and other factors in mind.

The Danger of VOCs

VOC stands for “volatile organic compound.” According to the CBC Marketplace, levels of VOC higher than 500 ppb can cause problems for people sensitive to chemicals. VOCs are the elements of paint that give a house that “new paint smell.” However, while we may enjoy that aroma because it means there is a fresh new look in the house, painting with VOCs can be harmful. They are responsible for gasses that can do real harm to people. The government now regulates VOCs because it sees the dangers involved. Years ago, lead paint was a huge problem. Government regulations have since helped stem this problem. It is hoped the same will be the case with VOCs. However, it is up to the homeowner to do whatever she or he can to help keep VOCs out of the household.

One of the best proactive steps you can take is to buy paint that does not contain harmful ingredients. You will have to read the label carefully and be sure to do your research. Look into the ingredients of the paint and their potential dangers. You will be able to find high quality eco friendly paint online. This is available for wall paint, deck paint, and even floor paint as well as other types that can help beautify your home while keeping the air in and around it safe.

Get Paint with Better Coverage

Paint that covers well is worth the extra money. And the extra expense is usually small or sometimes negligible in the context of the size of the job. Paint that offers better coverage saves both time and frustration. When you take the risk of using paints that don’t cover well, you run the chance of “finishing” the job only to discover that key areas didn’t get covered completely.

Paint with better coverage is also a better choice because it means more members of the family can chip in a grab a brush or roller. Inexperienced painters are often able to paint better with paint that covers better. The joy of painting can thus be taught and shared with even young members of the family. Also, the job gets done quickly when there are more hands to lighten the load. On the other hand, if you are constantly having to go behind your little helper, fixing the spots they missed, you may end up spending more time than you bargained for. Getting the right paint can save you the trouble and hassle of wasting time on your painting job.

Check the Ingredients

While examining the ingredients of your paint before painting, you have to be careful of two things. First, you want to be sure you get a thorough understanding of all the ingredients. This may simply mean taking a few extra minutes to read the label carefully and then figuring out what each ingredient means. Second, you have to watch out for hidden ingredients. If you aren’t sure as to whether your paint has hidden ingredients, a search online should give you all the answers you need. However, you should be able to find the answers you need online.

Getting the right paint is about both the beauty of your home and the health of those inside.