Home Improvements To Consider Making This Summer

ECOS Paints 06/09/2022
Home Improvements To Consider Making This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to make changes to your home that might be difficult to accomplish during the fall and winter months. This is especially true of any exterior work you might need to do because harsh winter weather can undermine your efforts. What home improvements should you consider making this summer? Read on to find out.

Air Seal and Caulk Your Home

The warm seasons are the best time to reseal your air sealing and caulk your home. Air sealing and caulking your home keep your home warm, which is essential in the winter. Drafts can come in from windows, holes in the attic, and cracks in the walls. You’ll find that your HVAC system will work a lot better when energy doesn’t seep out of the home.

Properly sealing your home can make your home more energy-efficient all year. In addition, caulking and air sealing can also lead you to notice other areas that need improvement. For instance, if a window is causing drafts because it’s off-kilter, it might be wise to make another improvement in your home—replacing your windows.

Replace Your Windows

Whether or not you need to replace your windows depends on whether caulking them kept the chill out last winter. Sometimes windows aren’t installed properly for the frame, and no amount of caulking will help with the draft. In this case, it’s best to shop for another type of window and get it professionally installed. Ensure you measure the window frames so that you get the correct sized windows for your home.

Replace Your Home’s Siding

Replacing the siding of your home is useful if the paint is peeling or cracking due to the elements. Whether you choose vinyl or wood siding, new siding can make your house look brand new. Old siding is susceptible to mold, and missing or loose boards can inhibit your house’s ability to heat and cool effectively. Luckily, the warm weather is the perfect opportunity to replace the siding on your house.

Pressure Wash Your Siding

If your siding is in good shape but looks dingy, get a professional power wash. Power washing is one of those projects you don’t want to DIY because you may cause wood rot and water seepage through the siding. To save time, note that you don’t want to pressure wash brick or wood. If you insist on going the DIY route, make sure you don’t angle your hose upward, or else you might spray water under the siding.

Swap Out Your Entry Door

Trimming your shrubs and pruning your bushes is an excellent way to spruce up your exterior, but it’ll be all for naught if your front door paint is cracking and peeling. Even worse, your door could be off-center from the frame. A blocked door can cause issues, such as sticking, drafts, and more. By swapping out your entry door, you’ll be able to take care of all these issues, leading to a better quality of life in your home before the cold weather hits.

Reface Your Cabinets

A worn-out kitchen can be an eyesore, so it may be time to reface your cabinets. Refacing cabinets involves uninstalling and replacing the cabinet doors with matching veneer on the face of the cabinet bases. This is a relatively small project, so you should finish while we’re still experiencing warm weather, and the reward will be a fresh new look for your kitchen.

Repaint Your Exterior

The exterior of your house is built to last. However, paint is subject to peeling and cracking over time. It might be time to give your exterior a fresh paint job. Before painting, you’ll first want to remove any old, loose paint with a wire brush. Then, use exterior paint to fill any cracks. Make sure to let the surface dry completely before beginning the painting process.

To paint your exterior, start with a stabilizing primer if the surface is flaky or powdery. If it’s smooth and dry, begin instead with a watered down coat of masonry paint. Let the primer or masonry paint dry completely. Once it’s dry, begin to paint, starting at the top and working your way down. Use a smaller brush for hard-to-reach places for a smooth finish. While you have a ton of paint options available, why not help save the environment by using eco-friendly paint? This is a perfect option for people looking for sustainable home improvement options.

Replace Your Roof

Replacing your roof is a huge project. You should only do this project in the summer to avoid accidents from frosted shingles. Since new shingles require heat for a weather-tight seal, summer is the perfect season to replace your roof. Note that you must get a contractor to repair any damage or rot on the roof deck before installing new shingles. If you install new shingles over a damaged deck, you’ll exacerbate any roof problems over time without fixing the underlying issue.

Don’t Forget To Garden

This is where you can get really creative. Gardening can be both practical or cosmetic, depending on what you want. Growing vegetables in your garden is a great way to cut down on groceries. Growing flowers along your front lawn leading up to your front door will make a wonderful impression if you want to wow your neighbors. You could also do both, potentially growing scallions, tomatoes, lettuce, and other produce in the backyard while planting roses, tulips, and lavender in the front yard. The potential for creativity is limitless.

Build a Shed

Building a shed is an excellent DIY project that you can learn from videos online. It’s a gift that keeps giving because you can store tools or your children’s toys there for years to come. Sheds are especially useful if your basement or garage is out of storage space. A shed can offer you that little bit of extra room that you need.

Alternatively, if you have a storage room or shed, you could repurpose and expand it into a home office or retreat space. This is especially useful for creatives who need to do solo work or for anyone who wants some alone time. As far as home improvements you should consider making this summer, this is a project you can be proud of.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Your garage is an exterior room that’s often seen as an extension of your front yard. Dings, cracks, and peeled paint can make it lose its luster over time. If you have this issue, why not replace your garage door? If it’s an older garage, you can also use this opportunity to install more advanced technology, like automatic garage doors that open with the tap of a button or a touchpad combination. By upgrading your garage tech, you won’t just benefit from cosmetic improvements but also some additional security.

Replace Your Gutters

Replacing your gutters isn’t just cosmetic but also essential to a well-functioning home. Gutters channel water away from your home’s roof and foundation. Old gutters won’t be able to do their job efficiently. Replacing your gutters in the summer mitigates this issue. It’s also recommended to do this project in the summer because gutters can have frozen debris or water in them in the winter. Frozen debris makes it more difficult to replace old gutters when the time comes.

As you can see, summer isn’t just for barbecues and family gatherings. It’s an excellent season to finish projects that will improve the look of your home. Beyond preoccupying your time, home improvement projects are also a great conversation starter and a way to show your neighbors that you really care about the neighborhood.

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