LEED Homes: Green Can Be Gorgeous

ECOS 04/15/2024

Many people think going green means you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Going green can be gorgeous! And, in many cases, you can't even tell the difference between a "conventional" product and a green one just by looking at them. Today we're featuring beautiful LEED homes we found on Houzz to prove how stunning sustainability can be! Click on the arrows at the bottom of this slideshow to see all of the amazing inspiration.

Are you interested in green building and renovations? ECOS Paints just became the first paint manufacturer in North America to publish our Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and to qualify for LEEDv4 certified projects. We also recently became the first paint company to earn the prestigious 'Declare' label for transparency of ingredients, safety, and eco-friendliness. This means we're also the first to be listed in the Declare database; a platform of the Living Building Challenge, which is widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world.

Order your free sample cards today to start planning your LEED design!

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