Lullaby Paints Supports Healthy Child Healthy World

Lullaby 12/17/2012

Healthy Child Healthy World

If you’ve read Our Story, you know one of our key passions is protecting children - particularly from all the toxics used in conventional paints. But, paint is just one piece of the puzzle and, unfortunately, there are myriad other products that contain toxic chemicals that end up in people’s homes.

We hope to help educate parents about a variety of ways they can protect their kids by sharing useful tips and information on our blog, but we wanted to go one giant leap further. So, we’ve partnered with the national non-profit, Healthy Child Healthy World, to support their efforts and work together to empower more and more parents.

And, they don’t partner with just any company that asks. We had to go through a thorough vetting process and meet their Quality Standards, but we made it! Now, we’re proud to say we have the approval of one of the nation’s leading nonprofits working to protect children from toxic chemicals. (They were even listed as one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite causes in Vanity Fair magazine!)

If you haven’t heard of Healthy Child Healthy World, you should definitely check them out! The website and Healthy Child Healthy World book authored by former CEO, Christopher Gavigan, are tremendous resources for parents trying to create healthier homes.