A Modern Black, White & Gold Nursery Design

Lullaby 10/07/2015

In an effort to find new, creative people to follow on Instagram, we recently searched the hashtag #nurserydesign. Tons of beautiful photos popped up, but one thing many of them had in common was their color palette: black and white. At first thought it seems like a stark concept for a nursery, but we adored every photo we saw. If it's executed well, it's truly divine and relaxing. Coincidentally, we had challenged Esther from Buy Modern Baby to create a nursery based on our cool, gray Frosted Veil paint and she ended up making a spot-on trendy, modern black, white & gold nursery design. Check it out!

Esther says, "It’s a perfect neutral that’s really easy to use. In this glamorous modern nursery, the paint color is a background for black and gold. We assembled an exciting combination of fun accessories for this space, but there are SO MANY MORE items on the Frosted Veil Nursery Inspiration Pinterest Board including additional rug options, different lighting ideas and more art pieces to make this black and gold scheme work for you."

modern black white and gold nursery lullaby paints

We love the balance between the formality of the gold with the playful elements like a tee-pee and a hand-crafted rainy cloud mobile. Want to learn more? Find details about all the products in this nursery design over at Buy Modern Baby!

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