Neutral Colors for Baby Nursery: Modern Inspiration

Lullaby 10/30/2013

Esther from Buy Modern Baby  created this modern, whimsical nursery design inspiration using Lullaby Paints in Wake - a gray tone with undertones of green that create a great foundation for the aqua and lemongrass accents.  She points out how using neutral colors for baby nursery means your space and furnishings are more adaptable and can give you a lot more bang for your buck. She says:

"This bright fun room is really filled with neutrals that can be re-purposed down the road.  The greenish gray paint plus the natural wood elements and white rocker can be used in any space once the nursery years are over.  It’s great to plan a nursery with future use in mind and it’s smart to use more of your budget on pieces that can be used in the decades ahead." neutral colors for baby nursery

Thanks for the inspiration, Esther!

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