New Year, New Coat of Paint: Liven Up Your Home’s Look

ECOS Paints 02/04/2022
New Year, New Coat of Paint: Liven Up Your Home’s Look

A new year is a time of new beginnings. It’s a time to take steps toward becoming the very best versions of ourselves, whether that means becoming healthier, cutting out toxic habits, or just appreciating life a little more.

The new year can also mean a new coat of paint for your home. Since we’re all changing with the new year, it makes sense that our environments should change with us. That means transforming our homes for the better. Read on to learn how to liven up your home’s look for the new year.

Reorganize Your Home

Becoming more organized is a common new year’s resolution for many people. Typically, this helps improve work productivity, but introducing more organization is a great way to liven up your home décor for the new year too.

A more organized space feels less chaotic and more open. A few ways to add organization to your décor include:

  • Incorporating decorative baskets to organize odds and ends
  • Using labeled mason jars to store kitchen materials instead of food containers
  • Creating designated spots for “clutter” materials like paperwork and crafting supplies
  • Investing in statement storage furniture like glass cases or hutches
  • Utilizing back-of-the-door racks for storing purses or jackets

Part of having an organized space may include having less stuff overall. Going through your things and donating or selling a few of them may be a good way to help kick off your organizing endeavors.

Swap Out Room Themes

Maybe last year was the year of farmhouse chic for you, but you feel less interested in having roosters and milk canisters this year. In that case, exchanging your room’s themes is an easy way to mark a transition to a new point in life.

There are multiple ways to go about this. For a complete transition, you can take on an entirely new theme. For example, you can go from rustic to mid-century modern for a sleeker look. Otherwise, you can cut out themes in general for a more neutral, modern look.

Try a New Color Scheme

If you aren’t interested in incorporating an interior design theme into your décor, a simple way to breathe new life into your décor is to add some new colors. Here are a few ways to change up your room’s color scheme:

  • Add an accent color through throw pillows and blankets or rugs
  • Refinish woodwork
  • Replace couches or add a colorful cover to them
  • Change out linens such as drapes or bedspreads
  • Hang new wall art
  • Bring in plant life

When in doubt, you should know that the simplest way to refresh your room’s color scheme is with a new coat of paint. And when it comes to high-quality, non-toxic* paint, you can do no better than ECOS Paints wide selection. So go on and celebrate. It’s going to be a beautiful year.

*Non-toxic - Conforms to ASTM-D4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects. 

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