Ready, Set, Design

Lullaby 04/05/2012

Ready, Set, Design
For many moms-to-be, pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster with visits to the doctor, modified diets, support groups and the weekly countdown. So planning for your baby’s room can get be stressful. Here are some of my favorite practical tips to create the ideal nursery room for your baby.

Start Slowly
Compose a list of things that will frame your baby’s room. Evaluate each of the items carefully and categorize them by those that can be purchased now and those that must be planned, or purchased later. Remember: You don’t need to purchase everything at once; you can do little by little.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Brands
Buying environmentally friendly products sends a great message, and helps make the world a richer and more wholesome place for our children. Here are some wonderful sites I frequent for ideas, or items. The Honest Company. Fawn and Forrest. Plover Organic. Land of Nod. Babyearth. Our Green House. Sckoon. Californiababy

Team Up
Joining with other expectant moms, talking about ideas and sharing practical tips can be the means to that perfect nursery design. Here is a great link that I found useful. Being Pregnant