Recycled Decor for the Nursery (That Doesn't Look Like a Kindergarten Craft)

Lullaby 12/29/2016

There are oodles of blogs out there featuring tutorials of the infinite ways you can recycle everyday items into cute decor, but sometimes they leave a lot to be desired in the looks department. Also, not everyone likes crafting. So, what if you like the eco-friendliness of recycled decor, but you'd rather buy than DIY? We have just what you're looking for. Check out this recycled decor for the nursery (that doesn't look like a kindergarten craft). 

recycled decor for the nursery - lullaby paints

  1. Recycled Cotton Feather Bottom Rug from CB2 - $89-$459
  2. Recycled Magazine Wall Art Letters from Color Story Designs - $18
  3. Recycled Cotton Animal Alphabet Blanket from Uncommon Goods - $44
  4. Recycled Cardboard Ice Cream Truck Playhouse from Uncommon Goods - $69
  5. Recycled Cardboard Reindeer Head from Bambeco - $75
  6. Recycled Aluminum and Bronze Moon Rocket Sculptural Bank from Uncommon Goods - $250
  7. Recycled Flip Flop Rhino from Design Shop - $24
  8. Recycled Metal and Glass Love Signs from Beautifully Broken by K - $35
  9. Upcycled Book Page Banksy Balloon Girl from Stay Gold Media - $8
  10. Mocha Recycled Paper Shag Rug from Bambeco - $250-$750
  11. Recycled Hello Pop Art from At West End - $39
  12. Upcycled Vintage Book Pages Botanical Bunting from Peony and Thistle - $17

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