Robots to the Rescue: Inspiration for an Amazing Nursery

Lullaby 04/08/2016

Alert! Alert! Robots are invading! They're taking over! Should you be concerned? Should you be panicking? Absolutely not – because the robots we're talking about are cute and modern and look fabulous as the design theme for a nursery. Robots are big right now in the nursery design world and we decided to check out examples of the trend. We found that these sometimes goofy looking machines can help create a fun, gender-neutral room for the littlest member of the family. If you're looking for a nursery theme that is colorful, imaginative, and unique then it's robots to the rescue: inspiration for an amazing nursery!

Here are some fun and unusual facts about robots that we found on Daily Galaxy:

  • The first humanoid robot was created in 1939 by Westinghouse and was named Elektro,(what a cool name!). Elektro was 7 feet tall and spoke over 700 words.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci drew up plans for a robot in 1495, and NASA is using the design for colonizing Mars!
  • The Bristol Robotics Laboratory has created robots that get their energy from bacteria. The robot “eats” flies and rotten fruit to create electricity.

Just for fun – here's a video of synchronized dancing robots!

Now, check out our Pinboard full of all the best inspiration for a robot-themed nursery!

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Let us know if you create your own robot-themed room and please share some pictures! We love to see what you're creating!