Safe Paints for Healthier Buildings

ECOS 04/15/2024

In the United States, 23 million people have asthma, 50 million have nasal allergies and 13 million have COPD. How will you keep them safe when they are in your building?

If you work in healthcare, your building’s occupants are actually more likely to have health problems like the respiratory issues listed above. But, even if you’re in a regular commercial building, with numbers that high, your building’s air quality will still seriously affect many people every day. So, what does this really mean for the visitors and occupants of your building? Missed work, bad school grades, additional healthcare costs, or sick people feeling miserable? A poor environment has a real consequence, whatever impact you are measuring.

At ECOS Paints, we have known this harsh reality ever since we started our business and it has shaped who we are as a company today. Over a period of more than twenty years, our customers have written us hundreds of thank you notes with statements just like the following:

“I have recently tried ECOS Paints and wanted to share the experience with all of my friends. Paint is my biggest issue/trigger of health reactions. I can often tell if a place has been painted within the last year – long after the smell is gone. I could never be around fresh paint but with ECOS Paints I could not only sleep in the room that was painted, but I painted it myself.”

Not damaging the environment isn’t just about identifying toxic chemicals, creating clever design specifications, and following the latest regulations. It’s about real people facing real issues, every single day. So, put the manual down and think like a compassionate human being. Use products that make a difference, simply because it is the right thing to do – for your colleagues, your friends, your family and everyone in your building.

ECOS Paints, at the forefront of healthy materials for the real world.

This was written by ECOS Paints CEO, Julian Crawford, and originally published at

From being the first paint manufacturer to publish our Health Product Declarations to being the first to become LEED v4 certified, ECOS Paints has been leading the industry this year with our revolutionary, premium paints. Another feather in our cap has been getting listed in the GreenWizard, the leading software provider for the design and construction community that simplifies the process of managing green and sustainable construction projects.