Simple Tips for a Bedroom Makeover

Tony 03/05/2024
Simple Tips for a Bedroom Makeover

Simple Tips for a Bedroom Makeover

Is your bedroom lacking the qualities needed to become a relaxing haven from the outside world? If so, it may be time to give your space an update! Your bedroom is one part of the house that’s truly yours, so if it’s overrun with your children’s toys, work clutter, take the weekend to give your room a much-needed revamp. To help you on your quest to create a more personalized space, we list our favorite simple tips for a bedroom makeover. You’ll never want to leave your room again!

Get Rid of Clutter

To prepare your room for a makeover, you need to get rid of the mess. Take the time to dispose of items you never use—yes, it may be sentimental, but if you haven’t used it in the last year, it’s time to let it go. When it comes to your bedroom, keep simplicity in mind, as a cluttered room will often lead to a cluttered mind. Get rid of unnecessary papers, knick-knacks, and any garbage. The freer the room is from clutter, the easier it is to redecorate and shift things around to fit your vision.

Pay Attention to Personality

Now, before you truly start redecorating, you need to figure out what sort of personality you want your room to have. Do you want it to be a super zen space or do you prefer a darkened hideaway? You’ll make smarter overall design choices when you take the time to consider the atmosphere you’re striving for. Don’t just copy what you see on the internet—make sure to incorporate the things that make you, you.

Update Your Bedding

A simple way to change your bedroom is by paying attention to the room’s focal point—the bed. If you can swing it, upgrade your mattress to one that oozes comfort and relaxation. Mattress shopping is a joy in and of itself, so you may want to spend the weekend researching. Once you do, pay attention to the bedding itself. A new duvet cover and shams do wonders for an outdated room design. Additionally, invest in some new sheets and decor. Don’t be afraid to choose ones with bold colors and patterns that will compliment your new design scheme.

Play with the Layout

If you truly want to give your bedroom a makeover, you need to think about the layout. Many of us set up our room when we first move in and never take the time to change it up. If this is the case, then it may be time to switch it up. To start, read up on Feng Shui and the different ways your furniture can impact the mood of the room. Switch which direction you have your bed facing or alter the vanity’s position—just a little bit of shifting can go a long way. Play with what wall you decide to place the bed on, and you’ll open yourself up to tons of options.

Refresh Your Paint

One of our favorite tips for a high-quality bedroom makeover comes from the color of the room. If you’re bored of plain white walls or still haven’t updated that ugly shade of green, then it’s time to repaint. You can do your paint prep during the week so that when it comes to the weekend, you’re free to begin. We recommend a beautiful nontoxic paint that won’t stink up your room if you plan on sleeping in there soon after. Make sure you choose a color that fits the room’s personality—consider adding an accent wall! If you don’t have that much time, even updating the room’s trim can enhance and refresh the room.

Bring in Additional Seating

A common mistake made when redesigning a bedroom is relying solely on the bed for the seating. A great way to improve your bedroom design is to ensure it can accommodate many people. A bench at the end of the bed, an antique chair in the corner, and a loveseat near the bookcase can do wonders for creating a more relaxing environment. Plus, there will be enough room for you and guests. Adding a few more seating options will make your room feel more finished.

Frame Your Windows

Most people have curtains in their rooms, but many are unaware of how big of a role drapery plays in the overall room design. Spice up the ordinary nature of blinds or shutters by adding a layer of fabric to the window. Opt for sheer curtains in the warmer months to add a lightness to the room. As the days get colder, switch them out for heavier curtains to bring warmth to the room’s personality. If you can’t do full-length drapery, aim for a valance topper to incorporate texture.

Put in Some Greenery

Finally, adding greenery to your room can do wonders for making it more of a relaxing haven. Just a few shrubs can help you feel more in touch with nature and less stressed out from the day-to-day. If you’re a flower person, set up some flowers on the window; however, if you’re someone who struggles to keep plants alive, opt for some greenery that won’t require extra care. Another benefit is that plants will naturally purify the air in your room and create a tranquil mood. If you’re worried it won’t fit in with your room’s theme, don’t worry—there are plenty of plants to fit the aura you’re looking to accomplish.

By using some of these simple tips, you’ll be able to transform your bedroom into a space you enjoy spending time in. If you think a bedroom makeover is in your future, turn to ECOS Paints for all things color. We have a large spectrum of paints, primers, stains, and varnishes. With our help, your room can turn into the relaxing haven it was always meant to be. 

Simple Tips for a Bedroom Makeover

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