Simple Tips for a Weekend Kitchen Makeover

ECOS Paints 12/07/2020
Simple Tips for a Weekend Kitchen Makeover

Remodeling any area of your home can take a long time, especially high traffic, highly technical workspaces like the kitchen. But perhaps one of the reasons remodeling projects take us so long is because we go into them with an overly ambitious mindset. It’s possible to scale back your efforts and still have a kitchen you can be proud of. We believe you can transform your kitchen in just two days. Here are some simple tips for a weekend kitchen makeover that you can try.


Refinish Instead of Replace

Cabinets play a big role in the look of a kitchen. And because cabinets are constantly being slammed shut and exposed to steam and food grease, there’s a chance that they may be one of the issues you are wanting to redo in your kitchen. But replacing the cabinets entirely can be a time and money-consuming process. The best way to make them look new is to refurbish them instead of replacing them entirely.

Start by taking the doors off the cabinets to make them easier to work with. Then, go through and thoroughly scrub them to remove caked-on grease or food matter. After this, sand them down with fine sandpaper to help the varnish adhere to the surface, and then wipe the dust away with a damp cloth. From here, you can apply the varnish to make your cabinets look brand new. We recommend our odorless* varnish to get the job done without the harsh chemicals.

Repaint Instead of Replace

Another way to radically change the look of your cabinets is to repaint them. This is a good option if you want to change the color scheme of your kitchen. To repaint the cabinets, begin the same way you would if you were refinishing them. Remove the doors, clean them, sand them, and wipe them down. From here, you will first apply your primer, sand again, then your first and second coat of paint. You may choose avoid painting the sides of the cabinet doors to keep them from sticking when you open them.


Contact Paper

New countertops are one of the most expensive purchases in a kitchen, with average prices for the highly coveted marble countertops ranging from $1,200 to $3,000 or more. Not only that, but marble counters can be a hassle to maintain. You can avoid both the cost and the inconvenience by using marble contact paper. This peel and stick, self-adhesive paper can be applied directly to your old countertops, making them look brand new. And if you don’t like marble, it comes in other varieties as well.


Painted Flooring

When we think of adding a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen, our minds usually go to the cabinets or walls, but it’s more than possible to transform any type of flooring by painting over it. You can use paint to cover up imperfections, scuffs, and stains with a sleek, neutral color. Or you can use paint to create bright patterns to match a room’s color scheme. You can even channel the vintage look of a 1950s diner by painting the flooring with a black and white checkerboard pattern.

Pro tip: Because the kitchen is such a high traffic area, consider adding a protective layer of varnish after painting, especially if you have a wooden floor. The varnish will keep the paint and the floor protected and looking fresh.



Recently, it’s become popular to add tiling, brick, stone, or other kinds of designs to the wall just above the oven. Of course, tiling is a big and expensive project for a simple weekend kitchen facelift. But there are a few shortcuts to jazz up your backsplash. For example, using peel-and-stick tiling, vinyl, or faux brick that can be placed onto the wall or over an old backsplash tile.


When in doubt, you can brighten up any space with a fresh coat of paint. When choosing paint colors for the kitchen, consider everything in your space. Colors look different in the presence of other colors, so keep in mind how your paint will look next to your cabinets, counters, appliances, floor, and other furniture. Since the kitchen walls are often exposed to more moisture than other places in the house, consider using a higher-gloss, more durable paint.


Kitchens tend to have the most “stuff” in them out of all the rooms in the house between ingredients, cooking tools, and other odds and ends. And since clutter is rarely attractive, finding ways to organize the mess should always be included in any kitchen makeover. Here are a few “hacks” to clear your counter space:

  • Buy an overhead hanging rack for pots and pans
  • Use a countertop storage rack for wine bottles
  • If you keep fruits, onions, and garlic cloves out, make them part of the décor with baskets, mason jars, or hanging hooks
  • Hang a spice rack from the wall for convenience and extra storage
  • Set out dedicated containers to hold wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas, and other similar supplies

Other Fun Kitchen Ideas

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are often associated with children’s play areas, but they make a perfect addition to a kitchen as a place to write to-lists, grocery notes, or simply as a fun decorative piece. To add a chalkboard wall, you must have a perfectly smooth wall, not popcorn or stucco. Sand down the surface, and then apply it as you would any other paint. Be sure you allow three full days to dry and then season the board before writing on it.


You want to avoid a cluttered look in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find intentional places to display things that add a little personality to the space. If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, you can display some accessories, photographs, or heirloom fine china on top of the cabinets.

Kitchens can be a tough space to remodel, but with a little strategy, you can do it in less time and money than you ever thought possible. At ECOS Paints, we are here to supply you with the tools you need to tackle your next remodeling project as quickly as possible.

*Odorless - No traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.

Simple Tips for a Weekend Kitchen Makeover

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