Storybook Nursery Design - The Little Prince

Lullaby 03/18/2016

First published in 1943, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery has been a beloved story around the globe for over a century about a pilot stranded in the desert who is visited by the apparition of a little prince. Some say it's a children's book written for grown-ups since the story reads very philosophically and can be interpreted in so many ways. The illustrations are equally as ethereal and serve as the inspiration for today's mood board. Check out our latest storybook nursery design - The Little Prince.

storybook nursery design - the little prince - lullaby paints

The color palette featured as the base of this design are Lullaby Paints in Royal Blue, Moonstone, Star Light, and White. (Quite a perfect fitting color palette given the theme of the story!)

Here are the products featured in this storybook nursery design - The Little Prince:

  1. The Little Prince Plane Mobile from Hape - $14.99
  2. Zanadoo Large Gold Chandelier from Bliss Home & Design - $2,880
  3. The Little Prince Print from demeraki on Etsy - $11.57
  4. Jayden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from DaVinci - $279
  5. Empire Rocker from Nurseryworks - $800
  6. Viera Gray and Navy Area Rug from Loloi Rugs - $189
  7. Starlight Side Table from Sean Dix - price not available
  8. Gold Stars Throw Pillow from Zazzle - $31.65
  9. Baobob Sculpture from Karuni - $70
  10. Shiny Gold Vintage Crown Pillow from Zazzle - $33.50
  11. Fox Table Lamp from Target - $35.00

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