Stunning Budget-Friendly Accent Wall Ideas

ECOS Paints 10/29/2020
Stunning Budget-Friendly Accent Wall Ideas

Any interior designer will tell you a cohesive room design centers around a focal point. A focal point is the part of a room the gaze is naturally drawn to, such as an architectural feature, large furniture piece, or work of art. An accent wall is a great option for those looking to create a fun, creative focal point. We have several stunning, budget-friendly accent wall ideas guaranteed to breathe personality into your space.

Simple Geometric

Geometric walls are an eye-catching addition to any room, adding both texture and color to a space. Although the more complex designs can take a lot of time and money to accomplish, it’s possible to create a bold geometric wall without breaking the bank.

Instead of focusing on many different colors, focus on adding one other color to your already existing base coat. Use painter’s tape to create your shapes and paint over it. Or, create a checkerboard pattern with painter’s tape and paint every other square. Even having two alternating colors will go a long way toward adding visual interest to the space.

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint is often associated with kids’ rooms, but they can make a fun addition to any space in the house, especially kitchens or living rooms. That’s because they allow you to change your accent wall design on a whim, while only using one can of paint.

If you were to create a café-themed kitchen you could write out your house’s “menu” on the wall, or if you wanted guests in your home to know your family’s personal motto, write out inspiring quotes. If you’re artistically inclined, you can also do a DIY wallpaper by drawing your own chalk-based artistic flourishes like vines, flowers, and trees.

Wallpaper Paint Roller

Putting wallpaper on one wall adds a bold pop of color and a vintage vibe to a space. But wallpaper can be a good deal pricier than paint, even if you’re just putting it on one wall. Fortunately, now there’s a gorgeous, budget-friendly accent wall alternative with the wallpaper paint roller.

This is a roller that has a wallpaper-esque design etched into the brush itself. If the paint is applied correctly, it’s hard to tell the difference between painted wallpaper and normal wallpaper. Not to mention you can use your choice of odorless* paints, allowing you to customize the design to your own space.

ECOS Paints puts a wide variety of paint and chalkboard paint colors at your fingertips. Whether you’re painting patterns or a wall you’ll draw on later, you’ll be well equipped to personalize your room.

*Odorless: no traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.