A Tangerine Mid-Century Modern Nursery Design

Lullaby 06/15/2016

Orange is widely known as a challenging color to work with as a wall color, and it would seem especially so for a nursery. Can we dispell the myth? Shades of orange are no more difficult to use in design than any other bright or deep color. You simply have to know how much to use and what other colors and textures to pair it with. Esther of Buy Modern Baby has proven the point with this mid-century modern nursery design using Lullaby Paints in Tangerine as the anchor.

Here's what Esther had to say about this challenge:

When my friends at Lullaby Paints suggested Tangerine for this months wall color, I was hesitant. It’s been about three years since last we did an orange nursery and I still like that one, so I agreed to take on the challenge. Tangerine is a brighter orange than Blaze so I would suggest using it on only one or two walls instead of for the entire room.

This Tangerine space seemed the perfect place to use the Skylar collection from Newport Cottages and from that decision, a mid-century modern style was the obvious direction. With the retro look of the furniture, it would have been very easy to go overboard with the styling of this space, but I tried to stay away from any choices that were too obvious. If you want to take the mid-century style further, I did pin those options on our Tangerine Nursery Inspiration Pinterest Board.



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