The Best Time of Year To Repaint Your Home's Exterior

ECOS Paints 09/21/2022
The Best Time of Year To Repaint Your Home's Exterior

Like you, homes also benefit from a little TLC every now and then. Over time, they endure consistent and various forms of wear and tear, testing their limits and hindering their appearance. There are numerous ways to show your home a little extra love, from patching holes and leaks to clearing the gutters.

Repainting your exterior gives your home a fresh new look that does more than enhance its appeal. It gives your home the added attention it needs and creates new protective barriers, among various other benefits. When it comes to repainting your home's exterior, certain factors come into play to ensure optimal results, including when you decide to paint. Here is an insight into the best time of year to repaint your exterior.

Why the Time of Year Matters

Numerous external influences affect paint. Too much heat or too little hinders your paint's dry time. It risks creating cracks, uneven layers, peels, streaks, and blisters. Other natural phenomena like rain, snow, and wind also affect your paint job's final results. They factor into your paint's drying process, appearance, coloration, textures, paint consistency, and how the coats stick to the wall. Picking a time of year with ideal weather conditions ensures optimal results and successful paint jobs.

The Best Season To Paint Exteriors

Early summer and fall create some of the best painting circumstances. Both offer forecasts with minimal rain and temperate temperatures. Depending on your location, late spring also makes one of the best times of year to repaint exteriors. It just misses out on the spring showers, lingering frost from winter, and high heat records.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Sometimes seasons are unpredictable. Each year they fluctuate, giving you a week of heat in winter and a surprise snow day mid-spring. Before whipping out your paint and rollers, make sure to check your local forecast. Minimal humidity, moderate temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, low chances of rain, and non-disruptive wind levels create ideal weather conditions for painting.

The best time of year to repaint exteriors depend on numerous variables. In general, you want to paint in moderate temperatures, low humidity, and with minimal weather phenomena, from wind to snow. Painting in optimal environmental circumstances doesn't just ensure final quality results. It also minimizes risks and hazards, keeping you out of harm's way. To reduce the frequency of future touch-ups, buy exterior paint from us at ECOS Paints. Our exterior paint mixtures provide durable, long-lasting paint fit to handle the forces of external influences, keeping your home beautiful and protected for a long time.

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