The Top Interior Paint Trends of 2021

ECOS Paints 03/29/2021
The Top Interior Paint Trends of 2021

The Top Interior Paint Trends of 2021

To say that 2020 was a challenge has become a cliché. But rising out of the ashes of the last year has come 2021, and we all want to take full advantage of it. A great way to do this is to give your home a fresh start with a new coat of paint, especially as the weather turns warmer. If you really want to make your home look like new, here are the top interior paint trends of 2021.

Nature-Inspired Hues

If we gained nothing else from 2020, it’s the deep and abiding appreciation for the world outside our windows. For many of us, a walk in the woods was one of the few reprieves we got from the monotony of four walls. Whatever the case may be, nature has worked its way into our top interior paint trends of 2021.


There are two sides of the natural green spectrum that people are gravitating toward in 2021. First are the greens that call to mind sunlight streaming through a canopy of trees. These are greens with warmer undertones, such as our “Gentle Caress.” On the other end, we have a paler, cooler seafoam green that gently urges one to have a more tranquil mindset. Our “Green Song” is the perfect choice for this.


So often in the interior design world, brown only gets to touch the walls in the form of a neutral tan color. But a rich, earthy brown like our “Cavern Sand” or “Country Charm” can create a sense of warmth and coziness that is really quite stunning. If you want a brighter, more open space, our “Olive Gold” will give you the earthiness of brown with the lightness that will make your space feel larger.


To some, nature is a forest full of deep green grass and dark brown soil. For others, it is a desert resplendent with brilliant oranges and reds. For a natural, desert orange, look for a more subtle shade like our “Spice Cookie” to call to mind an Arizona summer. These look especially nice when paired with blue room accents like throw pillows.

Jewel Tones

With all the darkness of the past year, everyone is ready for spontaneity and bold colors. And one of the ways this is manifesting is with beautifully vibrant jewel tones. You can transform whole with these colors, or you can pair darker jewel tones with brighter neutrals to create a stunning contrast. Here are a few colors you may be on the lookout for.


Red is one of the most emotionally-charged colors on the spectrum. To some, it may speak of an almost violent anger. To others, it speaks of life’s greatest pleasures—passion, love, and energy. And that is what we need to take into the new year. However, 2021’s take on reds doesn’t use a bright lipstick tone, but comes more subtly, pairing well with neutrals. See our “Wild Rose” for a prime example.


Jewel tone blues are elegant and mysterious, calling to mind a dark, churning sea. This allows you to give a nod to nature-based colors and jewel tones simultaneously. For a darker, more jewel-tone focused look, try our “Ocean Spray.” But if you want a more subtle, nature-based look, try a cool teal such as our “Wish Upon a Star.”

Pastel Parade

2020 was the year blush burst on the scene, and 2020 isn’t necessarily ready to let pastels go either. Their bright, gentle hues are exactly the kind of positivity we need to cheer us up this year.


Continuing with the trend of bringing the joy of the great outdoors inside, we have a pale sunshine yellow like our “Sign of the Crown.” This color is wonderful because it can act as a warmer, more colorful neutral, or a vibrant accent wall. It also is wonderful at catching and maximizing the amount of natural light in a space, making it feel brighter and larger.


Somewhere between the brooding ocean blue and the pale green seafoam, we have the color aqua. Rather than giving us a broody ocean vista, aqua gives us the image of an ocean on a bright, sunny day. This is a bold color to either paint an entire room, the wall above or below the trim, or as an accent wall.

Bright and Serene Neutrals

No paint color collection is complete without neutrals to help balance a room. The neutrals of 2021 focus on warmth and serenity to create balance between some of the bolder tones used earlier in our list.

Warm White

Very rarely will you come across a year where painting a room white isn’t considered a good idea. After all, when it comes to making a space bright without being obnoxious, it can’t be beat. But, contrary to popular belief, not every white is the same. And this year, people are shying away from cold or stark whites and leaning towards a creamier, warmer white. See our “Hint of Vanilla” for a good example.

Light Grey

Grey has an unfortunate reputation of being associated with cold, bleak, dreary emotions. But grey doesn’t have to be sad or dismal. Even greys with cool undertones, like our “Diamond Stud” can offer a sense of serenity and stillness. And because it’s such a light tone, this color still reflects light into the space, making the room feel airy and open.

Dark Grey

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this year will also see some darker neutrals, including a nearly black grey with warm, almost brown undertones like our “Deep Shadow.” Although dark, this tone’s warmth helps to make a space feel grounded and cozy rather than cold. Paint one wall this color to make the space feel bigger or paint the whole space this color to make it feel smaller and more intimate.

This is going to be a big year for interior décor. Let us be a part of this year’s journey with our interior eggshell paints. Here’s to hoping 2021 will be as beautiful as the spaces we create.

The Top Interior Paint Trends of 2021