Three Things That Should Be on Your Allergen-Free Maintenance Checklist

Tony 03/05/2024
Three Things That Should Be on Your Allergen-Free Maintenance Checklist

As consumers become more aware of the addition of chemicals to various common materials and the effects those chemicals can have on their bodies, the demand for sustainable products and visibility of ingredients has become more prevalent. According to a survey taken by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell, an average of 59% of travelers said they would choose one hotel over another based on the availability of allergen-friendly rooms. Not only has this trend become increasingly popular, but it's also become increasingly necessary as well. Human bodies are constantly reacting to changes in the environment, as the world is introduced to more chemicals and products, the human body reacts in accordance, thus the rise of allergies and sensitivities.

Perhaps you live with family members who suffer from particular sensitivities. As a homeowner, what can you do to allergen-proof your own home? There are, of course, obvious steps to take, like installing air filters and hypoallergenic fabrics, but what most people don't realize is even the paint you use can have a detrimental effect on these individuals with sensitivities. So before you begin to repaint the rooms in your house to accommodate those family members with allergies and sensitivities, let's review the three things you should be aware of as you buy your next can of paint.

Is This Eco Friendly Paint?

Selecting paint chip samples can be fun or stressful, depending on the person, but if you're committing to an allergen-limited home, consider environmentally friendly paint. In order for a paint to be environmentally friendly, it must not contain any chemicals or additives that harm the environment. Some of those chemicals and additives may be on your list of allergens, thus easily eliminating a pesky allergy and considering the environment in the same bucket of paint. So before you go crazy with the paint chip samples, check to see what's eco friendly and what isn't.

Is this Non Toxic Paint?

Eco friendly and non toxic don't necessarily mean the same thing, so it's vital to do your research before the paint chip samples come out. Non toxic paint is a necessity for little ones, as those curious hands can't always be under the constant scrutiny of their parents' watchful eyes. Picking out paint can be tricky with these limitations, but non toxic paint can add tremendous value to a home if you decide to sell later on.

Consider the Exterior of Your Home As Well

You put those paint chip samples to good use and picked out a paint that's environmentally friendly as well as non toxic, but don't forget about the exterior of your home. Do you have non toxic spray paint? The fumes from spray paint can waft easily, and the chemicals in the paint itself, since spray paint is primarily used outside in well-ventilated areas, easily spread onto grass, dirt, and insects. What about your walkway? Are you using organic concrete sealer? For a surface so often exposed to rain, wind, and snow, chemical runoff can be a major issue if you're not using the appropriate sealer.

Creating an allergen-free home can be a tremendous challenge. After all, the convenience of home improvement projects are typically emphasized by the ease in which materials are accessible, but choices for allergen-free living can be difficult to come across. The commitment, however, is a noble one, both for you and your family, and the environment. There's only one planet Earth, and if it is destroyed by chemicals and fumes in products humanity so often uses, there won't be a second chance.That's what it's crucial to investigate the paints and products you use around your house. Keeping your family living in an allergen-free home may be a necessity for you, but lessening the impact of chemicals on the environment is certainly a welcome side effect in this modern world. Keep your family safe and healthy, and allow the world to keep turning as it is.