Tips for Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home Décor

ECOS Paints 08/02/2022
Tips for Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home Décor

Colors combine various design features. They create seamless, coordinated looks while filling a room with character and liveliness. Working with a specific color palette when designing and decorating your home further establishes a cohesive space and avoids overwhelming color clashes. But how do you choose the right color selection or scheme to feature in your palette? Here are some tips for choosing a color palette for your home décor and creating a stylish space.

Pre-made Color Schemes

Color schemes are specific types of palettes. They come in numerous variations, offering a range of looks to explore. Most schemes work closely with the color wheel and color theory, featuring pairings that almost always appeal to one’s eye. The most popular schematic palettes include:

  • Monochromatic: One color but in multiple hue variations
  • Complementary: Pairs of colors opposite one another on the color wheel
  • Analogous: Three colors that are next to each other on the wheel
  • Triadic: Three colors evenly spaced from one another on the wheel

Work With a Desired Design Aesthetic

Akin to using color theory and schemes, working with a specific design aesthetic gives you a pre-made color palette that guarantees appeal. They create stylish and cohesive spaces where each design element complements the others. Design aesthetics also produce specific characteristics and ambiances. Choosing your desired atmosphere helps you select a design aesthetic, which gives you a color palette to work with alongside other interior inspirations.

Play With Tones and Shading

Colors come in various tones and shades. They expand the depth of a color allowing a single hue to achieve numerous looks and ambiances. A cool-toned red differs from a warm-toned version, producing different spaces. Similarly, different shades produce varying appearances. Warmer and lighter colors create inviting and energetic spaces, while dark, cool tones embody a more relaxed and secluded atmosphere.

Consider Your Lighting Situation

Lighting goes hand in hand with color choices. Certain pigments look different in varying hues of light. In a poorly lit room, lighter colors add a little brightness to the space, and darker colors look more pigmented in well-lit spaces. The sheen of your paint also affects how well colors will work within a space and other swatches on the palette. Using interior eggshell paint adds a pleasant sheen to your colors, making darker palettes brighter in well-lit rooms.

Choosing a color palette for your home décor involves various considerations. They come in numerous iterations offering different color pairings and selections. The right color palette ties all your design features into a cohesive and appealing look. ECOS Paints offers a range of colors to explore, providing you with countless palette options to try and helping you achieve your desired dream space.

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