Tips for Creating a Dog Room in Your House

ECOS Paints 09/29/2021

The word “doghouse” tends to call to mind a rickety wooden structure at the edge of the backyard or a jail cell. Unfortunately, for many dogs, that’s the reality of their living situation: if they aren’t out in the cold, then they’re locked in an unpleasant crate.

But you can change a crate into a puppy palace by moving the doghouse into the people-house. Our tips for creating a dog room in your house will help you craft the perfect space for your canine companion.

Pick the Perfect Location

If your first thought upon hearing dog room was something to the effect of, “I don’t have an extra bedroom that I can dedicate just to my dog,” don’t worry. A dog room doesn’t have to be the size of a room, just like how a doghouse doesn’t have to be the size of a house.

Dog rooms are usually a small nook somewhere in the house, for example:

  • The space under the stairs
  • A closet
  • The attic
  • The basement
  • A corner of the laundry room
  • Part of the mudroom
  • A section of the sunroom

Keep in mind that you don’t want this area to be totally isolated from the rest of the house, but you also want to avoid putting it someplace where there would be loud or startling noises, like by a garage or workshop.

Emphasize Safety and Durability

If you plan on making a space your dog’s home base, you have to make it a place where your dog will be safe. That also means making a space that can withstand puppy teeth and claws. Keep these principles in mind when designing your dog’s room:

  • Pick a durable flooring like vinyl.
  • Keep the area well ventilated.
  • Avoid a spot loaded with outlets.
  • If there’s pet furniture, opt for easy-to-clean upholstery such as indoor-outdoor fabric.
  • Make sure treats and food are stored in sealed containers to prevent overeating.

Making the room safer isn’t just about removing dangers from the room but also making sure your dog feels safe in the room. Put things your dog associates with comfort and fun in the space: their dog bed, favorite blanket, toys, and food bowl.

Have Fun!

Once you have the location and practical aspects of the room established comes the fun part: decoration. Your dog doesn’t have a preference about the décor, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Here are a few ideas you might try:

  • Put up photos of your dog.
  • Add signs with your dog’s name or favorite dog-related quotes.
  • Use dog motifs like bones or paw prints.
  • Add dog-sized furniture or wall art
  • Put a “wipe your paws” welcome mat in front of the space.

However you decorate your space, you want to keep safety first. That’s why ECOS Paints has a plethora of pet-friendly paints for you to choose from as you personalize your home and create a dog room in your house.

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