Tips for Refinishing Old Furniture in Your Home

ECOS Paints 09/14/2022
Tips for Refinishing Old Furniture in Your Home

Your home’s wooden trims aren’t the only things that could use a fresh coat of varnish. In fact, upon closer inspection, you might find plenty of older furniture pieces in need of a little TLC to look their best. Here are some important tips for refinishing old furniture in your home. They’ll ensure you get the most of every step of the DIY process and leave you with a quality product that’ll last for years to come.

Wash the Furniture Item

Before you even think about applying a new stain to a particular furniture item, make sure to wash it. This step helps you effectively remove any dust or debris sitting on the piece’s surface. A clean piece of furniture is crucial for later stages of the project. Dust can get in the way of new product you apply to the furniture, preventing paint or stain from properly adhering to the surface. You’ll want to take a wet washcloth to every nook and cranny and let it dry thoroughly.

Fix Any Noticeable Damage

As you’re washing your furniture, assess any damage it may have. Depending on the age of the item, you might want to perform some basic repairs to ensure it’s in the best possible condition. This could be something as simple as tightening a few screws or as involved as replacing an entire leg. Either way, taking this step now ensures the piece is good as new by the project’s end.

Sand Away Old Paint or Varnish

Another crucial tip for refinishing old furniture in your home is to sand the item. Much like a layer of dust and debris can prevent your new stain from sticking to its surface, so can any previous varnish or paint. Removing this layer is vital to keeping your refurbished furniture looking its best. Start with coarse sandpaper to remove the larger sections of varnish, and then finish with fine sandpaper to smooth the wooden surface.

Refinish With an Eco-Friendly Stain

Above all, you’ll want to opt for an eco wood stain and varnish when refurbishing furniture. Conventional paint and stain products often contain large quantities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can release harmful particles into your home’s atmosphere. Eco-friendly, water-based alternatives have fewer or no VOCs, making them much better to use in smaller, confined spaces.

ECOS Paints provides a wide variety of eco-friendly stains for your next DIY project. Regardless of the color you’re looking for, we carry a product that gives your piece the appearance you want without sacrificing your wellbeing.

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