6 Tips for Turning a Closet Into a Tiny Nursery

Lullaby 02/24/2016

Whether you're having baby #1 or #4, a growing family can quickly make it feel as if the walls are closing in and your home is getting smaller. And, for most people, you can't just up and move to a larger space or invest in an addition to your existing home. So, what’s the solution? As is the answer to many human dilemmas, you need to adapt and get creative. In almost every home, there's going to be some nook or cranny that can be repurposed. A perfect example? The humble closet. Clothes can go in an armoire and the closet can take on a new life as a child's chamber. Today, we're sharing incredible, real-life examples and tips for turning a closet into a tiny nursery.

#1 – Paint the Back Wall or Entire Closet a Different Color.

Painting the closet a different color makes the small space more inviting and sets it apart from the rest of the room visually. Don't shy away from stripes, ombre, and stencils either. Everything you can do to make the space more visually appealing will make people forget that it was once a closet.

#2 – Take the Doors Off.

The doors make it feel smaller and really just get in the way. If you want some type of way to close off the space, try curtains instead. 

#3 – Build the Crib Into the Back Wall.

If you have some carpentry skills (or know someone who does), removing the back rails from the crib and installing it directly against the wall will give you an extra couple of inches to for squeezing into the space. Just be sure it's attached firmly and safely for baby's sake.

#4 – Look Up.

We saw a few closet cribs that were installed higher up so that there's room for storage or a changing table below. We admit this is quite adventurous, so we only recommend this being built by a VERY good carpenter. We also saw preschooler loft beds above the changing table in the “closet room” and a kid that age would think that's a really cool bed.

#5 – Try a Mini Crib.

A mini version of a standard crib is about 15 inches shorter than the normal size which makes it ideal for small spaces. The only problem is that it's only recommended for babies up to 6 months of age, so you only have a few months before you confront your space issues once again.

#6 – Use Your Walk-In Closet.

Many modern homes have large walk-in closets, and they really make the deluxe closet nursery. Although not as big as a normal room they still had plenty of storage, room for a chair, and many even had a window. They looked nice but most lacked the creativity of the other closet nurseries because they are not shared spaces.

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