Top 10 Toys for Toddlers

Lullaby 11/28/2012
With gift-shopping season shifting into high gear, and so many things to choose from, we thought we’d start sharing our ideas for safe, natural, awesome options for everyone on your list! Today our focus is toddlers - and while most marketers want to sell you a lot of toys with bells and whistles and screens, we know toddlers are at an age where imagination rules. Stick to the tried and true examples below for endless hours of fun (and imagination and learning!) 1. Wooden Blocks - You might think blocks sound too…square, but blocks these days are anything but. Plan Toys Water Blocks: $34 Plan Toys Water Blocks: $34 2. Fun with Food - Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food? Kitchen related toys, from felt food sets to wooden kitchen sets, are a fabulous way to set small children down the path to cooking and eating healthy. Land of Nod Leafy Keen Salad Set: $25 Land of Nod Leafy Keen Salad Set: $25 3. Musical Instruments - What child doesn’t love to make a little noise? He might not be a mini Mozart, but give him some simple musical instruments to foster his appreciation and who knows what talents may emerge! Melissa & Doug Beginner Band Music Kids Musical Instrument: $30 Beginner Band Music Kids Musical Instrument: $30 4. Puzzles - Puzzles are great for developing both fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Heirloom quality wooden puzzles also double as beautiful nursery decor! DwellStudio Stacked Animals Wooden Puzzle: $14 DwellStudio Stacked Animals Wooden Puzzle: $14 5. Games - The variety of games available these days is astounding and family game time is a fantastic way to make memories. This twist on Memory is a game that will really grow with your child. Initially, it’s a great tool for vocabulary development. Then, basic matching. And if you buy all the sets, it’s one massive mental memory challenge. Tree Hopper Toys’ Match Stacks: $20 Tree Hopper Toys' Match Stacks: $20 6. A Simple Chalkboard - Not so much a toy as it is a blank canvas, chalkboards can be used for endless hours of doodling, learning letters and numbers, and maybe even math homework some day! Lullaby Paints chalkboard paint comes in designer colors to make statement in any kid’s room. Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Paint Kit: $26 Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Paint Kit: $26 7. Art Supplies - Inspire your child’s inner Picasso with natural crayons, paints, or modeling clay - essentials for every child’s creative cache. Clementine Art Natural Modeling Dough: $11 Clementine Art Natural Modeling Dough: $11 8. Play Silks - What looks like a brightly colored scarf to the untrained eye, is actually a cape for your little super-hero! No, it’s a Sari for a princess from India! Wait, it’s a blue ocean that surrounds our castle of blocks! You see where we’re going with this? Magic Cabin Play Silks: $10 each Magic Cabin Play Silks: $10 each 9. Ride-On Toys - Kids love riding around on just about anything. It’s great exercise, teaches gross motor skills, and, in the case of this awesome bike, teaches balance, too! TreeHaus Wooden Balance Bike: $55 TreeHaus Wooden Balance Bike: $55 10. Play Structures - Sure you can build a fort with a few chairs and a sheet, but how cool are these cardboard creations that kids can color themselves? Think your child would love to fly to the stars? Check out the Cosmic Cruiser! If he’s more of the knightly type, try the castle! Build A Dream Playhouses’ Pop N’ Play Castle: $50 Build-A-Dream Playhouses' Pop N' Play Castle: $50 What toys are on your top 10 list for toddlers? photo credit: BigTallGuy via photopin cc