Top Bedroom Paint Colors for Restful Sleep

ECOS Paints 09/20/2022
Top Bedroom Paint Colors for Restful Sleep

A good night's sleep creates a perfect end to a long day and gives you a bright start on the next. Bedrooms function as the main sleeping hubs in a home. To many people, a bedroom is an extension of one's self. To others, it simply houses a bed and acts as a place to enter the dream realm. Aside from a comfy bed, the right lighting, and noise control, your bedroom's wall colors are integral to a successful night's rest. Here are the top bedroom paint colors for a restful sleep.

Calming, Cool Tones

Let your mind unwind with soothing colors, which allow you to drift off into a sea of deep sleep. Cool-toned colors imbue a calming effect. Their soft coloration and deep undertones lull people into serenity. Various blues and greens symbolize things that create peace, such as the ocean and the outdoors, calming your mind and prepping it to rest. The most popular bedroom cool tones include colors that mirror the night sky, forest leaves, glistening water, and other mesmerizing and serene spaces or views.

Warm & Welcoming Shades

Although often associated with energy, some warm shades create the perfect atmosphere for sleeping. Warm and earthy colors produce a cozy and homey ambiance. Their warmth, familiarity, and thick coloration make you feel like you're receiving a friendly hug and being held in safe arms. Painting your bedroom in warm and earthy colors such as terracotta, burnt orange, and other clay-like shades gives you a cozy space to curl up in and fall into a deep sleep.

Non-distracting Neutrals

Racing midnight thoughts and cinematic playbacks of the day's mishaps like to make an unwelcome appearance during bedtime. With a mind bouncing around, full of energy, other diversions don't help the cause. Simple neutrals minimize bedtime distractions. It also gives you a non-distracting focal point to trance yourself into a meditative state, quieting your mind. Muted neutrals such as greys, taupes, warm off-whites, and creamy beiges provide the perfect neutral pigments to help you rest successfully.

The top bedroom colors for restful sleep include shades that embody tranquility and serene symbols, curate cozy ambiances and eliminate distractions. On top of picking out the best color for your bedroom, the type of paint you use also affects your sleeping conditions. A non-toxic* paint supplier such as ECOS Paints will set you up with colors that create healthier spaces, allowing you to rest with ease.

*Non-toxic - Conforms to ASTM-D4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

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