Top Nursery Design Trends for 2015

Lullaby 01/16/2015

Will you be decorating (or re-decorating) a nursery in the coming year? It’s fun to look through all of the photos on Pinterest and interior design websites, but it can be really overwhelming, too. With so much to choose from, which direction should you go? Finding the trends is often an easy way to give yourself some focus and help you create a space that’s really wow-worthy. So, today we’re sharing our picks for some of the top nursery design trends for 2015!

Gold and Glitzy

Gold pieces throughout the room or a dramatic stripe on the wall will add the perfect touch of glamour in your nursery. Just remember, when we say glitzy, we mean a little sparkle here and there – you don’t want a Liberace nursery. Surprisingly, gold works just as well in a boy’s nursery as it does a girl’s, so go for it!

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Think of arrows, fringes, teepees and Navajo blanket patterns. Earthy colors give a nod to the natural inspiration while keeping the space warm and cozy.

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Geometric Patterns

Geometry class may have been snooze-ville, but geometric patterns in the nursery are sensational! Make a striking focal point by getting out your measuring tape and some good painters tape and creating an intricate design on one wall using triangles.

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Create a serene scene in the nursery using clouds! How does one decorate with clouds? You’d be surprised at the possibilities! Click through the Pinboard and you’ll see how you can turn your child’s nursery into a space that will make you both feel like you’re on Cloud 9.

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The Little Living Room

This is a great design trend pinpointed by our friends at Project Nursery. And the beauty of these more mature looking nurseries is that the pieces you buy will have a long, long shelf life since you can use them in pretty much any room in your home!

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What do you think of these nursery design trends? Have a favorite? Have one to suggest? Let us know in the comments - we always love hearing from you!