The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Kid's Rooms

Lullaby 07/03/2015

Kids = stuff. Lots of stuff. For an eco-minded parent, it can be tough to get over the green guilt from all the consumerism and waste involved. But, living lighter on the Earth and raising your little ones don't have to be mutually exclusive activities. Today there are oodles of options for creating environmentally conscious spaces for the whole family. Here's the ultimate guide to eco-friendly kid's rooms plus a giveaway to make your child's room greener!


Especially for first-time parents, it’s hard to know what you’ll need to care for your new little bundle. Inevitably, we all end up with piles of stuff we don’t. When you’re shopping for your child, stop and consider if you really need it.


When you do need something for your child's room, consider if it’s something you can find gently used. Secondhand retailers are popping up on every corner these days and sites like eBay, Craigslist, Rocka-Buy Gear, Swap Baby Goods, and others make it easier than ever to reuse, reuse, reuse.

Zem Joaquin of EcoFabulous used some wonderful secondhand pieces to make her kids' one-of-a-kind rooms:


Keep waste out of landfills by recycling everything you can. Visit to find out how and where to recycle everything from shampoo bottles to car seats.

Go easy on your energy use.

Make the switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. According to Energy Star, LED light bulbs use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 10 to 25 times longer. Unplug whatever you can to reduce your energy use. Even when things are turned off, they still pull power from the outlet (referred to as “energy vampires”). Is there a decorative lamp that’s rarely turned on? A radio or clock that’s not necessary? Look around and pull the plugs. Just be sure those cords are kept safely away from baby and outlets are covered using safety plugs. Hang insulating curtains – not only do they help block light better (meaning your kids will sleep better), insulating curtains also help keep a room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which will reduce your heating and cooling energy use.

When you buy new furnishings, buy eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic products whenever possible.

People assume buying green costs a fortune, but that’s not always the case. With an increased demand for safe, eco-friendly products the marketplace is seeing new products come to light every day – which means competition – which means lower prices. Just as an example, check out our posts featuring eco-friendly cribs for every budget and eco-friendly rocking chairs for every budget. Check out our Pinboard for more eco-options.

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Here are 20 more ideas from Bicultural Mama on Houzz (click the arrows at the bottom to view the slideshow):

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